The Kurdish question and Turkey: An example of a trans-state ethnic conflict

Dagi, ID


The political economy of peace processes and the women, peace and security agenda
Erturk, Yakin (Informa UK Limited, 2020-07-01)
This article examines why the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda has been so challenging to implement and argues that the political economy of war and peace, driven by a complex network of power, is a deterrent to sustainable and gender-just peace. However, peace initiatives are not a zero-sum game. They are dialectical, offering possibilities for both regressive and transformative change. Although inclusion of women and gender concerns in current peace processes lags behind expectations, the WPS agenda...
The international dimensions of internal conflict
Polat, Necati (SAGE Publications, 1997-01-01)
The Greater Middle East Initiative and democracy in Muslim states: A Turkish perspective
Yurdusev, Ahmet Nuri (Informa UK Limited, 2006-06-01)
This article takes issue with the Greater Middle East Initiative launched by the U.S. administration and endorsed by the G-8 leaders at the Sea Island Summit, June 2004. It also discusses the problem of democracy and modernity in Muslim societies. The article argues that the U.S. initiative came short of meeting the requirements Of promoting democracy in Muslim countries as it lacks a "carrot and stick" approach in respect of the existing regimes. Then, it disagrees with the prevalent views in the West on t...
The gender of justice system: Women's access to justice in Turkey
Hatipoglu-Aydin, Duygu; Aydın, Mustafa Berkay (Elsevier BV, 2016-12-01)
Access to justice as a practical and process based concept may be defined as the capacity of people to access judicial institutions which shall bring solution to common judicial problems of the people. While the burdens before access to justice are common for various groups, women may suffer more frequently accessing these institutions and have difficult time to overcome the burdens due to other structures which produce inequality. The article focuses on women's access conditions to justice in Turkey and th...
The dialectic and the tragedy of citizenship
Yegen, Mesut (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2008-03-01)
This essay aims to review the contemporary debate on citizenship with a focus on the present dilemma of the institution of citizenship between equality and difference. Citizenship today seems to have become stuck between a categorical commitment to either universalism or particularism. It is as if there is no alternative but to opt for either assimilation (national citizenship) or group fetishism (the end of citizenship). In this essay, however, I argue that citizenship today is not as helpless as it looks....
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I. Dagi, The Kurdish question and Turkey: An example of a trans-state ethnic conflict. 1998, p. 177.