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Rate and pressure behavior considering the fractal characteristics of structurally disordered fractured reservoirs

Al-Rbeawi, Salam
The main objective of this paper is to understand the impact of the fractal characteristics of fractured reservoirs on their pressure behavior, flow rate decline, and productivity index. The paper proposes a new methodology for developing several analytical models for describing the wellbore pressure distribution and the flow rate decline trend. The proposed models consider including the fractal characteristics such as the mass fractal dimension, conductivity index of anomalous diffusion flow mechanism, fractal-network parameters, fractional-derivative order, and matrix/fracture-interaction index as well as dual-porosity media characteristics such as the storativity and interporosity flow coefficient in the analytical models of the pressure, rate, and productivity index. The study has found that: (1) Some of the fractal characteristics have a significant impact on reservoir performance, while others may not have a significant impact. (2) Fractal reservoirs exhibit better performance than the standard geometry reservoirs of single and dual-porosity media.