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An iterative approximation scheme for repetitive Markov processes

Tüfekçi, Tolga
Güllü, Refik
Repetitive Markov processes form a class of processes where the generator matrix has a particular repeating form. Many queueing models fall in this category such as M/M/1 queues, quasi-birth-and-death processes, and processes with M/G/1 or GI/M/1 generator matrices. in this paper, a new iterative scheme is proposed for computing the stationary probabilities of such processes. An infinite state process is approximated by a finite state process by lumping an infinite number of states into a super-state. What we call the feedback rate, the conditional expected rate of flow from the super-state to the remaining states, given the process is in the super-state, is approximated simultaneously with the steady state probabilities. The method is theoretically developed and numerically tested for quasi-birth-and-death processes. It turns out that the new concept of the feedback rate can be effectively used in computing the stationary probabilities.