On the elastic-plastic deformation of a centrally heated cylinder exhibiting linear hardening

Gulgec, M
Orcan, Y
A closed-form solution of the elastic-plastic deformation of a cylinder with uniform temperature inside its cylindrical core and zero surface temperature is presented for a linearly strain hardening material. The analysis is based on Tresca's yield condition and its associated flow rule. The effect of hardening on the expansion of plastic regions and on the distribution of stress is displayed graphically.


On the SmCo Dimer: A Detailed Density Functional Theory Analysis
Oymak, Hueseyin; Erkoç, Şakir (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2010-02-04)
Making use of 21 different exchange-correlation functionals, we performed density functional theory calculations, within the effective core potential level, to investigate some spectroscopic and electronic features of the SmCo dimer in its ground state. A particular emphasis was placed on the (spin) multiplicity of SmCo. Most of the functionals under discussion unanimously agreed that the multiplicity of SmCo should be 10. It was observed that the nature of interaction between Sm and Co atoms to form the Sm...
KARATAS, S; ESIN, A (Informa UK Limited, 1994-01-01)
The drying mechanism and diffusion coefficient of water in spherical droplets (1.73 - 2.08 mm diameter) of tomato concentrates were successfully interpreted and modelled by using Fick's law. Solids content of the initial concentrate (5-15% w/w), and drying temperature (60-degrees - 100-degrees-C) were varied but the drying air was kept at constant velocity and humidity.
Potential Energy Surfaces for Vibrational Structure Calculations from a Multiresolution Adaptive Density-Guided Approach: Implementation and Test Calculations
Sparta, Manuel; Hoyvik, Ida-Marie; Toffolı, Danıele; Christiansen, Ove (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2009-07-30)
A multiresolution procedure to construct potential energy surfaces (PESs) for use in vibrational structure calculations is developed in the framework of the adaptive density-guided approach. The implementation of the method allows the construction of hybrid PESs with different mode-coupling terms calculated with a variety of combinations of electronic structure methods and basis sets. Furthermore, the procedure allows the construction of hybrid PESs that incorporate a variety of contributions and correction...
Metallization of the C-60/Rh(100) interface revealed by valence photoelectron spectroscopy and density functional theory calculations
Wade, Abdou-Ciss; Lizzit, Silvano; Petaccia, Luca; Goldoni, Andrea; Diop, Djibril; Toffoli, Hande; Fabris, Stefano; Baroni, Stefano (AIP Publishing, 2010-06-01)
The electronic structure of single and multiple layers of C-60 molecules deposited on a Rh(100) surface is investigated by means of valence photoemission spectroscopy and density functional theory calculations. The binding of the fullerene monolayer to the metal surface yields the appearance of a new state in the valence band spectrum crossing the Fermi level. Insight into the metallization of the metal/fullerene interface is provided by the calculated electronic structure that allows us to correlate the me...
Analysis of stress in a solid cylinder with periodic heat generation
Varlı, Ekin; Eraslan, Ahmet Nedim; Department of Engineering Sciences (2015)
Thermoelastic stress response of a periodic heat generating solid cylinder is investigated by analytical means. The cylinder is initially at zero temperature. For times greater than zero, heat is generated internally and slowly at a time dependent rate. Two periodic heat generation rates are used. The temperature distribution in the solid cylinder corresponding to each generation rate is obtained by making use of Duhamel’s theorem. An uncoupled thermoelastic solution of the solid cylinder is then obtained u...
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M. Gulgec and Y. Orcan, “On the elastic-plastic deformation of a centrally heated cylinder exhibiting linear hardening,” ZEITSCHRIFT FUR ANGEWANDTE MATHEMATIK UND MECHANIK, pp. 493–498, 1999, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/64397.