Effects of environmental factors on the performance of ANFO tests in Turkey

Aldas, GU
Ozkazanc, MO
Because of its safety, being easy to handle, relatively inexpensive and containing a lot of energy, ANFO is the most popular and widely used explosive in Turkey as well as other countries in the world. According to change dated May 14(th) 1999 on the regulation 87/12028 related with explosives, blasters are not allowed to mix ammonium nitrate and fuel oil in the field to make ANFO. Instead of this, they have been forced to use the ready ANFO prepared by explosive producer firms. As a result of this obligation, the use of technical nitrate for agricultural purpose and mixing AN and fuel oil in unsuitable conditions have been prevented. Indeed, wrong mixture means waste of energy and money.


The analysis of total factor efficiency in the public lignite mining organizations in turkey
Çimen, Selahattin; Güyagüler, Tevfik; Department of Mining Engineering (2011)
In recent years, the risks created by the import of energy on the security of energy supply has encouraged countries to utilize local resources to a greater extend, and for many countries including Turkey coal is at the top of the local resources. However, it is not sufficient for countries to have an energy resource itself. Intens competition in today's globalized system requires the resources to be produced and utilized in the most economical manner. The supply of the resources to the market in a competit...
Effect of proton scavengers on the textural properties and performance of Fe2O3 xerogels for boron containing pyrotechnics
Yilmaz, Nil E. Dinçer; Karakaş, Gürkan (2017-01-01)
Currently used rockets and missile igniter systems are mostly based on the pyrotechnic blends of fuels and oxidizers. In this study nano-sized boron was used as fuel because of its high heat of combustion, low atomic weight and high energy density. Iron oxide was used as an oxidizer and synthesized by sol-gel method by using various types of proton scavengers. In the experiments Fe(NO3)3·9H2O was used as a precursor and a wide range of proton scavengers (propylene oxide, 1,2 epoxybutane, tetrahydrofuran, te...
Effect of Unsaturated Soil Properties on the Intensity-Duration Threshold for Rainfall Triggered Landslides
Kenanoğlu, Melih Birhan; Ahmadi-Adli, Mohammad; Toker, Nabi Kartal; Huvaj Sarıhan, Nejan (Teknik Dergi, 2019-03-01)
Rainfall triggered landslides are one of the most common natural hazards in many countries throughout the world, as well as in Turkey. This study investigates the effect of unsaturated soil properties on landslide-triggering rainfall intensity-duration threshold. In addition to the time to failure, the suction (negative pore water pressure) distribution in the slope, the shape and depth of the failure surface are also evaluated. Properties of soil-water characteristic curve which affect the distribution of ...
Türkiye'deki Jeotermal Bölge Isıtma Sistemlerinin Gelişimi
Parlaktuna, Mahmut; Parlaktuna, Burak (2021-07-06)
Turkey is one of the few countries that has almost all possible applications of geothermal energy. Geothermal district heating has a relatively short history (since 1987) compared to other direct utilization but plays important economic, social and environmental roles in some towns. There are 18 geothermal district heating systems (GDHS), mainly in the Aegean region with resource temperatures between 57–145C. Current heating capacities of those systems are in the range of 570 to 37500 Residence Equivalent ...
Effect of liner material and explosive type on penetration effectiveness of shaped charge
Zaki, S.; Uddin, Emad; Rashid, B.; Mubashar, A.; Shah, Samiur R. (2019-07-01)
Shaped charges are used in many civilian and military applications. This study focuses on the effects of liner material and the type of explosive on the development of shaped charge jet. This was carried out by experimentation and numerical finite element-based modelling. Shaped charges were tested on a steel plate during the experimentation and the experimental data were used to validate the developed numerical model of the shaped charge. A hydrocode-based finite element model was able to predict the perfo...
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