The seismic well-being of buildings: Diagnostics and remedies

Wasti, Syed Tanvir
Ersoy, Ugur
An overview of old as well as emerging problems and solutions in earthquake engineering with particular emphasis on the assessment and rehabilitation of seismically vulnerable buildings is presented. Earthquakes continue to result in vast loss of life and damage to property especially in populated urban areas. As a result, with an increase in both awareness and experience, traditional repair and strengthening techniques are giving way to more efficient methods applicable on a larger scale and with greater speed, in order to ensure that as many existing buildings as possible are retrofitted in advance of future earthquakes.
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S. T. Wasti and U. Ersoy, “The seismic well-being of buildings: Diagnostics and remedies,” Istanbul, Turkey, 2005, vol. 66, p. 521, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: