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Control Strategy of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator for Stand Alone Wind Power Generation System

Lachguer, Nora
Tahar Lamchich, Moulay
This paper presents the control strategy of the permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) for stand-alone wind power generation system with battery energy storage management during wind speed and load variations. The complete system includes a PMSG connected to the load through a fully controlled back to back PWM converter and an intermediate DC link capacitor which is connected to a battery energy storage system through a bidirectional dc-dc converter. The control strategy to a stand-alone wind conversion system is divided into three parts: the control of PMSG side PWM converter employed to generate the maximum power (MPPT) during wind variations, a control strategy by bidirectional dc-dc converter developed to manage the power flow battery in different wind and load conditions, and a load side PWM converter controller is achieved to regulate the load voltage and frequency under varying wind and load conditions. The model system is developed in Matlab/Simulink environment with Power System Blockset (PSB). Simulation results confirm the effectiveness and performance of the control strategy.