Language Teachers' Views and Suggestions on the Central Teacher Selection and Recruitment Exam in Turkey

Krajka, Jaroslaw
This study inquires into whether prospective English language teachers consider the central exam, KPSS (The Selection Examination for Professional Posts in Public Organizations) valid to select and recruit English language teachers, and what suggesttions they have concerning the improvement of the exam. The fndings indicate that the majority of the participants have negative attitudes towards the exam and think that it is not valid. Moreover, they point out that the exam must include the subject knowledge. Therefore, there is an urgent need for the policy makers to know what they want teachers to do in classrooms and schools, then test and select teachers accordingly.


TARHAN, HAKAN; Karaman, Abdullah Cendel; Department of English Language Teaching (2022-8-31)
This qualitative case study investigates the boundary crossing experiences among a group of newly qualified teachers of English in a teacher mentoring program. The study aimed to explore and understand how ten mentees and mentors viewed the role of the mentoring program in their personal and professional development. In doing so, the present study focused on the relevant experiences and processes of socialization of novice teachers concerning the induction and mentoring support they received during their fi...
English as a Foreign Language Instructors Induction Early Practices of Language Teachers Teaching at Tertiary Level
Öztürk, Mustafa; Yıldırım, Ali (2012-01-01)
This study aimed to investigate the nature of the induction process of English as a foreign language (EFL) teachers teaching at tertiary level through individual interviews. In order to gather intended data, fifteen novice instructors teaching at four different public universities in Ankara were interviewed on a basis of two criteria: (a) having 1 to 3 years of teaching experience, and (b) teaching at higher education level. The data gathered from the interviews were transcribed, coded, and categorized unde...
Evaluation of the in-service teacher training program "The Certificate for Teachers of English" at the Middle East Technical University School of Foreign Languages
Şahin, Vildan; Ok, Ahmet; Department of Educational Sciences (2006)
The purpose of this study was to examine the effectiveness of the in-service teacher training program, The Certificate for Teachers of English (CTE), run jointly by two departments: The Department of Basic English (DBE) and the Department of Modern Languages (DML) of the School of Foreign Languages (SFL) at Middle East Technical University (METU) in terms of whether it achieved its objectives and to provide suggestions regarding the redesigning of the program for the following years. The model used for eval...
Use of digital video recording in the preparation stage of pre service foreign language teachers micro teachings
Savaş, Perihan (2012-07-01)
The paper reports the findings of a study done to investigate the perceptions of 64 pre-service foreign language teachers on their experiences with digital video recording during the preparation of their microteachings to practice teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL). For two semesters and in two EFL Methodology courses participants worked in small groups to prepare their lesson plans and in-class microteachings and their group discussions were self-recorded. Main data collection instrument of the s...
Do intentions and perceptions always meet? A case study regarding the use of a teacher appraisal scheme in an English language teaching environment
Vanci-Osam, U; Aksit, T (2000-02-01)
This article reports research examining a group of English language teachers' perceptions of the teacher appraisal scheme with a developmental purpose. Specifically, the researchers tried to find out if there is a discrepancy between what the institution intended to achieve and how teachers perceived the scheme before and after their participation in it. The findings of the study, which were obtained by analysing the data collected from the teachers and appraisers in the form of two structured interviews re...
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