Impact of defected ground structures on the bandwidth of quarter wave impedance transformers and branch line hybrids

Polater, Ahmet Mert
Nesimoglu, Tayfun
In this article, impedance transformers and branch line hybrids are selected to demonstrate the impact of defected ground structures on the operational bandwidth of microwave circuits. Three different branch line hybrids are studied with simulations and laboratory measurements, these are; a standard branch line hybrid, one using tapered lines and another one using both tapered lines and DGS. Based on these results, an optimum design in terms of location, size and number of DGS was proposed to achieve the widest operational bandwidth. Simulation and measured results demonstrate that correct usage of DGS and tapered lines can enhance the bandwidth of a narrowband microwave circuit. (c) 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Int J RF and Microwave CAE 26:311-316, 2016.


Effects of using different boundary conditions and computational domain dimensions on modeling and simulations of periodic metamaterial arrays in microwave frequencies
Turkmen, Oznur; EKMEKÇİ, Evren; Sayan, Gönül (Wiley, 2013-07-01)
This article aims to demonstrate the effects of using different boundary conditions and different computational volume dimensions in numerical simulations of periodic metamaterial arrays. A double band metamaterial unit cell design will be utilized to show that use of different boundary conditions may result in simulation of dissimilar periodic array topologies with completely different electromagnetic responses. It will also be shown that dimensions of the computational volume may strongly affect the overa...
Non-destructive recognition of dielectric coated conducting objects by using WD type time-frequency transformation and PCA-based fusion
Sayan, Gönül (Wiley, 2013-07-01)
This article demonstrates the applications of a non-destructive electromagnetic target recognition method, called Wigner distribution-principal component analysis (WD-PCA) method, to dielectric coated conducting spheres. These spheres are chosen to be highly similar having the same overall size but slightly different permittivity and thickness values in coating layers. Four different classifiers are simulated by using the WD-PCA method for varying sizes of object libraries under different noise conditions. ...
Impact of high-level distributed generation penetration on the transmission system transient stability
Kurt, Burçak; Ertaş, Arif; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2009)
This thesis investigates the impact of high-level penetration of distributed generation especially from the renewable energy sources on the transient stability of the transmission system. Distributed generation is a source of electric power connected to the distribution network or on the consumer side. It is expected that distributed generation grows significantly by the increasing environmental concerns and deregulation in the market. As soon as the increasing penetration level, distributed generation star...
The performance and efficiency of envelope elimination and restoration transmitters for future multiple-input multiple-output wireless local area networks
Nesimoglu, T.; Parker, S. C. J.; Morris, K. A.; McGeehan, J. P. (Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), 2008-03-01)
The inefficiency of contemporary power amplifiers ( PAs), when operating in their linear region, is a major obstacle to mobile operation of wireless local area networks ( WLANs) based on IEEE 802.11n. Therefore the use of more efficient envelope elimination and restoration ( EER) transmitter architectures is considered. In addition to high efficiency it is also necessary to satisfy the spectral mask and achieve satisfactory link- level performance. Link- level simulations of a contemporary WLAN PA show that...
Impact of rapid thermal annealing on impurities removal efficiency from silicon carbide for optoelectronic applications
Barbouche, M.; Zaghouani, R. Benabderrahmane; Benammar, N. E.; Khirouni, K.; Turan, Raşit; Ezzaouia, H. (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019-11-27)
Impurities are of crucial interest in optoelectronic devices as they affect carrier lifetimes and electrical properties. In view of that, it is important to incorporate certain processing steps to reduce impurities effect on final devices. The aim of this work is to enhance silicon carbide SiC purity for silicon passivation. Low cost method of SiC purification is presented. This method combines three main steps consisting of formation of porous silicon carbide layers by acid vapor etching followed by a phot...
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