Comparative Power-Delay Performance Analysis of Threshold Logic Technologies

Ercan, Furkan
Muhtaroglu, Ali
Recent focus in energy efficiency is motivated with diminishing conventional energy resources, and increasing demand in low power applications with shrinking platform sizes. In this work, various threshold logic technologies are compared with each other in terms of power-delay-product (PDP). Compound CMOS, complementary pass transistor, static NAND gate, full adder, capacitive and differential threshold logic technologies are compared within a developed comparison scenario. Results in UMC180nm technology indicate that complementary pass transistor based threshold logic proves at least 2.5% more efficient than the rest in terms of PDP, while NAND based implementation has 29.2% better in terms of delay performance.


Classification of Grid Connected Transformer less PV Inverters with a Focus on the Leakage Current Characteristics and Extension of Topology Families
Ozkan, Ziya; Hava, Ahmet Masum (2015-01-01)
Grid-connected transformerless photovoltaic (PV) inverters (TPVIs) are increasingly dominating the market due to their higher efficiency, lower cost, lighter weight, and reduced size when compared to their transformer based counterparts. However, due to the lack of galvanic isolation in the low voltage grid interconnections of these inverters, the PV systems become vulnerable to leakage currents flowing through the grounded star point of the distribution transformer, the earth, and the distributed parasitic...
Comminution: Technology, Energy Efficiency and Innovation
Klein, B.; Altun, Naci Emre; Scoble, M. J. (2015-04-17)
With pressures to improve energy efficiency in mining, reducing energy usage in comminution has become the focus of innovation. Several advances have been made however the uptake of innovations and technologies is slow. A Technology Readiness Level guide has been developed for other industries that may be a useful tool for the mining industry. Examination of selected successful energy efficient technologies provides some insights and lessons that may provide direction for advancing new technologies. This pa...
Optimal and implementable transmission schemes for energy harvesting networks
Özçelik, Fatih Mehmet; Uysal Bıyıkoğlu, Elif; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2012)
Progress in energy harvesting technology and the increasing need for the energy efficient and environmentally friendly applications have called for reconsideration of communication systems. This reconsideration results in new problem formulations regarding the recent developments on energy harvesting systems. Recently, optimal strategies for various types of energy harvesting networks have been developed based on different harvesting models. This thesis reports the results of our research to develop the opt...
Interventions for Ensuring Thermal Comfort Equality in Apartment Buildings
Dikmen, Nese; Elias Özkan, Soofia Tahira; SÜMER HAYDARASLAN, Kübra (2017-01-01)
Energy reduction is one of the goals of sustainability. Thermal comfort and sustainability refers to smart dealing with natural resources to be acceptable for people. In order to provide thermal comfort to occupants, it is necessary to prevent excessive thermal transfers from the building's envelope. To this end thermal insulation is provided and windows with low U values are installed in buildings. However, the orientation of living spaces in a building determines the amount of solar gains from the facades...
Analytical Modelling, Simulation and Comparative Study of Multi-Junction Solar Cells Efficiency
Hadjdida, Abdelkader; Bourahla, Mohamed; Ertan, Hulusi Bülent; Bekhti, Mohamed (2018-12-01)
Currently, solar energy is promising the primary source of renewable energy that has a great potential to generate power for an extremely low operating cost when compared to already existing power generation technologies. Increasing the efficiency of solar cells is a major goal and the prominent factor in photovoltaic system research. Current triple junction solar cells reach 30% and the next generation will bring 35% in 5 years to peak at 40%. These cells are used in space environment and in terrestrial sy...
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