Decolourization and removal of some organic compounds from olive mill wastewater by advanced oxidation processes and lime treatment

Ugurlu, Mehmet
Kula, Ibrahim
Background. Olive mill wastewater (OMW) generated by the olive oil extracting industry is a major pollutant, because of its high organic load and phytotoxic and antibacterial phenolic compounds which resist biological degradation. Mediterranean countries are mostly affected by this serious environmental problem since they are responsible for 95% of the worldwide olive-oil production. There are many methods used for OMW treatment, such as adsorption, electro coagulation, electro-oxidation, biological degradation, advanced oxidation processes (AOPs), chemical coagulation, flocculation, filtration, lagoons of evaporation and burning systems, etc. Currently, there is no such economical and easy solution. The aim of this study was to evaluate the feasibility of decolourization and removal of phenol, lignin, TOC and TIC in OMW by UV/H2O2 (AOPs). The operating parameters, such as hydrogen peroxide dosage, times, pH, effect of UV and natural sunlight were determined to find the suitable operating conditions for the best removal. Moreover, there is no study reported in the literature related to the use of UV/H2O2 and lime together in OMW treatment.


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Karalezli, Nazım; Uz, Aysun; Esmer, Ali Fırat; Demirtaş, Mehmet; Taşcı, Arzu Gül; Kütahya, Harun; Ulusoy, Gürhan (Hindawi Limited, 2013)
Background. The optimal surgical treatment for Kienbock's disease with stages IIIB and IV remains controversial. A cadaver study was carried out to evaluate the use of coiled extensor carpi radialis longus tendon for tendon interposition and a strip obtained from the same tendon for ligament reconstruction in the late stages of Kienbock's disease. Methods. Coiled extensor carpi radialis longus tendon was used to fill the cavity of the excised lunate, and a strip obtained from this tendon was sutured onto it...
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Kartal, A; Yildiran, I; Senkoylu, A; Korkusuz, Feza (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2004-02-01)
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