Multidisciplinary marine environmental database for the Aral Sea

Lyubartsev, VG
Vladymyrov, VL
Myroshnychenko, VV
Special unique database management and processing system (Oceanbase) have been developed to work with the large sets of multivariable interdisciplinary oceanographic and environmental data. AralBase system developed to work with the Aral Sea interdisciplinary data is a variety of the OceanBase. AralBase is a special database application with the expanded functionality designed to explore large multidisciplinary oceanographic and environmental data sets. It provides many possibilities for data loading, selection, access, processing, analysis, preview and export. The AralBase has a customizing user-friendly multi-windows interface. A user can create his/her own desktops and open and arrange as many windows as he/she needs.

Citation Formats
V. Lyubartsev, V. Vladymyrov, and V. Myroshnychenko, “Multidisciplinary marine environmental database for the Aral Sea,” JOURNAL OF MARINE SYSTEMS, vol. 47, pp. 3–9, 2004, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: