Design and analysis of perfect metamaterial absorber in GHz and THz frequencies

Dincer, Furkan
Sabah, Cumali
The new perfect metamaterial absorber (MA) based on square resonator with gap configuration is numerically (for GHz and THz frequency regime) and experimentally (for GHz frequency regime) presented and investigated. The proposed MA has a simple configuration which introduces flexibility to adjust its metamaterial properties and easily rescale the structure for other frequency regimes. In addition, polarization and incident angle independencies of the proposed model are analyzed for the THz frequency regime. The suggested structure could achieve very high absorption at wide angles of polarization and incident angles for both transverse electric and transverse magnetic waves. At resonance frequencies, absorption results are realized around 99.99% at 5.48GHz and 99.92% at 0.865THz for their respective frequency regimes. Besides numerical results in GHz and THz frequencies, experimental results are also obtained for GHz frequency regime. The proposed MA and its variations enable myriad potential applications in areas such as defense systems, communication, stealth technologies, and so on.


Investigation of microwave metamaterial based on H-shaped resonator in a waveguide configuration and its sensor and absorber applications
Sabah, Cumali; Taygur, Mehmet Mert; ZORAL, EMİNE YEŞİM (2015-04-13)
A microwave metamaterial (MTM) based on H-shaped resonator in a waveguide configuration is introduced and investigated both numerically and experimentally for X-band frequencies. The proposed model is designed and fabricated on both sides of the substrate and exhibits strong magnetic resonance at around 10.5GHz. Additionally, it has very simple design which improves and simplifies the fabrication process. Besides, only one single slab is used in the simulation and experiment which provides a reduction in th...
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Design and Analysis of a Perfect Metamaterial Absorber for Sub-Terahertz Frequencies
Sabah, Cumali; Wellmann, Thorsten; Voss, Daniel; Zouaghi, Wissem; Roskos, Hartmut G. (2015-08-27)
A new near-perfect metamaterial absorber (MA) consisting of a square resonator with gaps and cross-wire strips is presented for the sub-terahertz frequency range. A narrow-band response of the proposed MA provides near-perfect absorption (absorbance of 99.23%) at 0.6 THz. In addition, numerical simulations show that the suggested MA could achieve very high absorption over a wide range of angles of incidence at least for transverse magnetic (TM) waves. As a result, the suggested model can be used for numerou...
Design and implementation of all-SiC MPPT boost converter for grid connected photovoltaic systems
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Şener, Yunus; Ertan, Hulusi Bülent; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2016)
Conventional inverters have pulse-width-modulated output with a fundamental component at the desired frequency and magnitude. These converters are usually buck type and therefore the DC link voltage limits the maximum 3-phase output voltage magnitude. As a consequence, in motor drive applications field weakening is essential after a certain frequency of operation, as it becomes impossible to preserve the rated flux level. In renewable energy applications similar problems arise. When the DC link voltage fall...
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F. Dincer, M. KARAASLAN, and C. Sabah, “Design and analysis of perfect metamaterial absorber in GHz and THz frequencies,” JOURNAL OF ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES AND APPLICATIONS, pp. 2492–2500, 2015, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: