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'Net-Class', A multilingual web based learning management tool

Basaran, S
Yalabik, N
Kiziloglu, U
This paper presents a web based multilingual learning management system (LMS) 'Net-Class'. The Net-Class software provides online course management facilities for instructors, students and administrators. Even though it is designed for web-based asynchronous distance learning, it may also be used as a supplementary teaching-learning toot for traditional face-to-face courses. Net-Class features many facilities for communication, motivation building, assessment and course administration. Especially designed to be used in two languages (namely, Turkish and English) simultaneously, it offers a convenient facility for educational institutions and companies that may use both languages in different applications. The system gradually evolved to a professional tool in a few years of use with continuous student and faculty feedback in several programs and individual courses in Middle East Technical University.