Efficiency in the manufacturing industry of selected provinces in Turkey - A stochastic frontier analysis

Onder, AO
Deliktas, E
Lenger, A
This paper measures technical efficiency and technical and total factor productivity changes by estimating a translog stochastic frontier production function for the Turkish manufacturing industry in selected provinces. This method incorporates technical change and has time-varying technical efficiency effects. The stochastic frontier function was estimated by using panel data based on eighteen selected provinces of Turkey for the 1990-98 period The performance of the public and private sector manufacturing industries in these provinces was also measured separately. The probable reasons of different performances of provinces in terms of efficiency are discussed. In this context, the effects of average firm size, the share of regional production, and the time period were considered.


Technical change and efficiency in Turkish manufacturing industries
Taymaz, Erol (1997-11-01)
Technical progress and production efficiency are central to economic growth and international competitiveness. However, these topics received little attention in Less Developed Countries. This study is the first attempt to measure and to understand the extent and importance of technical progress and efficiency in Turkish manufacturing industries. Stochastic production frontiers for Turkish textile, cement, and motor vehicles industries are estimated by using panel data of plants for the years 1987 to 1992. ...
Improving resource efficiency in surface coating/painting industry: practical experiences from a small-sized enterprise
Alkaya, Emrah; Demirer, Göksel Niyazi (2014-12-01)
The European Commission has an objective of improved resource efficiency in manufacturing enterprises (particularly small- and medium-sized enterprises-SMEs) by structural and technological changes. The aim of this study was to demonstrate the concrete improvements as a result of a systematic resource efficiency methodology applied to an SME in surface coating/painting industry in Turkey which is an EU accession country. Within the context of this study, cadmium plating process was substituted with a less t...
Efficiency analysis of Turkish natural gas distribution companies by using data envelopment analysis method
Erturk, Mehmet; Turut-Asik, Serap (2011-03-01)
This paper analyzes the performance of 38 Turkish natural gas distribution companies by using a non-parametric method, Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA). The results are used to determine the most proper model specification, to detect the important criteria affecting the efficiency levels, and to find the common characteristics of the most inefficient firms. We find that public firms compared to private firms, non-tender firms compared to tender firms, large firms compared to small firms and firms operating i...
Efficiency in Turkish agriculture : a farm houshold level analysis
Dudu, Hasan; Çakmak, Erol; Department of Economics (2005)
This thesis analyzes the efficiency structure of Turkish agriculture in farm household level by using various models of stochastic frontier analysis. A household level survey conducted in 2002 and 2004 is used in the analysis. Firstly, an efficient production frontier is estimated by a panel data models. By using these estimates, relative importance of production factors and their interaction with various farm specific factors are inspected. The parameters of production frontier show that agricultural produ...
Efficiency and productivity convergence in health care systems: Evidence from EU member countries
Kasman, Saadet; Kasman, Adnan; Gökalp, Gamze (Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi (Ankara, Turkey), 2019-12)
This paper investigates whether there has been a convergence in technical efficiency and productivity levels of the health care systems of twenty-six EU members and a candidate country over the period 1995-2012. The results of convergence analysis suggest that both β (beta)-convergence and σ (sigma)-convergence in technical efficiency and productivity have occurred among sampled countries. Furthermore, the findings reveal that the dispersion of technical efficiency and productivity scores among sampled...
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A. Onder, E. Deliktas, and A. Lenger, “Efficiency in the manufacturing industry of selected provinces in Turkey - A stochastic frontier analysis,” EMERGING MARKETS FINANCE AND TRADE, pp. 98–113, 2003, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/67172.