A National IT Strategy for Turkish Construction Industry
Kumaş, Nihan; Nielsen, Yasemin; Department of Civil Engineering (2004)
In this thesis, a national information technology (IT) strategy applicable to Turkish construction industry for future implementation of IT is developed, advising guidance to current and future stakeholders but also researchers and decision makers to set the right priorities and pre-harmonization for IT in construction. Within this study, the present situation of the industry is discussed, so as to structure today̕s required industry abilities fulfilling tomorrow̕s demands and innovative IT solutions. Then,...
A Strategic Plan for the Implementation and Monitoring of Performance-based Maintenance Contracting (PBMC) for Turkish Construction Sector
Öztürk, Hande Işık; Atasoy Özcan, Güzide (2018-8-14)
Roadway maintenance is significantly important to maintain the quality of roads, which can be achieved by successful contracting models. This study includes the identification of the implementation and monitoring strategies of Performance-based Maintenance Contracting (PBMC). Preliminary findings indicate that the advantages and challenges vary from country to country. In addition, cost efficiency of PBMC significantly depends on the length of the road network and the duration of the contact. Thus, each con...
A strategy for implementing road safety audit of planned projects in Turkey
Karademir, Gülay Kızıltaş; İnal, Ayhan; Kahramangil, Müge; Department of Civil Engineering (2001)
A strategy for implementing road safety audit of existing roads in Turkey
Çor, Ebru; İnal, Ayhan; Kahramangil, Müge; Department of Civil Engineering (2001)
A conceptual framework for enhancing the international cooperation in a developing space market - Harmonization of International Standards for Space Industry
Ozalp, Egemen; Guim, Francesc; Özkan Yıldırım, Sevgi (2009-06-13)
In general, a standard is described as an established norm or a requirement list. Standards can be developed as formal documents to establish uniform engineering and technical criteria. The standardization process may be achieved through an edict or it may involve the formal consensus of technical experts. Today, in the growing global technical market, standardization is still a developing process, although it has a high and increasing maturity level. The new phase of standardization of today is getting mor...
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