An approach for detection of buildings and changes in buildings using orthophotos and point clouds: A case study of Van Ercis earthquake

SARP, Gülcan
Duzgun, Sebnem
Sahin, Kemal
This paper presents an image analysis of the Van Ercis earthquake, and demonstrates how efficiently the orthophoto images and point clouds from stereo matching data can be used for automatic detection of buildings and changes in buildings. The proposed method contains three basic steps. The first step is to classify the high-resolution pre and post event Red-Green-Blue (RGB) orthophoto images (orthoRGB) using Support Vector Machine (SVM) classification procedure to extract the building areas. In the second step, normalized Digital Surface Model (nDSM) band derived from point clouds and Digital Terrain Model (DTM) is integrated with the SVM classification (nDSM+orthoRGB). In the last step, building damage assessment is performed through a comparison between two independent classification results from pre- and post-event data. It was observed that using the nDSM band in the classification process as additional bands the accuracy of classification increases significantly.


Onal, Itir; Kardas, Karani; Rezaeitabar, Yousef; Bayram, Ulya; Bal, Murat; Ulusoy, İlkay; Cicekli, Nihan Kesim (2013-07-19)
This paper presents a framework for detecting complex events in surveillance videos. Moving objects in the foreground are detected in the object detection component of the system. Whether these foregrounds are human or not is decided in the object recognition component. Then each detected object is tracked and labeled in the object tracking component, in which true labeling of objects in the occlusion situation is also provided. The extracted information is fed to the event detection component. Rule based e...
Analysis of Airborne LiDAR Point Clouds With Spectral Graph Filtering
Bayram, Eda; Frossard, Pascal; Vural, Elif; Alatan, Abdullah Aydın (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2018-08-01)
Separation of ground and nonground measurements is an essential task in the analysis of light detection and ranging (LiDAR) point clouds; however, it is challenge to implement a LiDAR filtering algorithm that integrates the mathematical definition of various landforms. In this letter, we propose a novel LiDAR filtering algorithm that adapts to the irregular structure and 3-D geometry of LiDAR point clouds. We exploit weighted graph representations to analyze the 3-D point cloud on its original domain. Then,...
Automated Detection of Arbitrarily Shaped Buildings in Complex Environments From Monocular VHR Optical Satellite Imagery
Ok, Ali Ozgun; Senaras, Caglar; Yuksel, Baris (2013-03-01)
This paper introduces a new approach for the automated detection of buildings from monocular very high resolution (VHR) optical satellite images. First, we investigate the shadow evidence to focus on building regions. To do that, we propose a new fuzzy landscape generation approach to model the directional spatial relationship between buildings and their shadows. Once all landscapes are collected, a pruning process is developed to eliminate the landscapes that may occur due to non-building objects. The fina...
Investigation of Terrestrial Laser Scanning Reflectance Intensity and RGB Distributions to Assist Construction Material Identification
Hassan, Muhammad Usman; Akçamete Güngör, Aslı; Akgül, Çağla (2017-07-07)
t: Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) allows collection of dense 3D point cloud data that captures a structure's as-is conditions. The geometric information from the collected data could be used to generate a 3D-model of the structure. However, the generated model usually lacks functional information - a basic requirement for a semantically rich information model. Some of the functional information (such as cost, mechanical and thermal performance) could be derived if the material used in a particular geometr...
Unsupervised Change Detection in Satellite Images using Oversegmentation and Mutual Information
Taskesen, Bahar; Besbinar, Beril; Koz, Alper; Alatan, Abdullah Aydın (2017-05-18)
In this paper, a novel solution to the problem of unsupervised change detection in bitemporal satellite images is presented. Information measures, which are well-known and commonly-used in the change detection literature, result in unsharp change maps and masks without well defined boundaries as a result of local computation. In the proposed method, mutual information with local joint distributions computed within the over-segments after image registration, radiometric correction and some preprocessing step...
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G. SARP, A. ERENER, S. Duzgun, and K. Sahin, “An approach for detection of buildings and changes in buildings using orthophotos and point clouds: A case study of Van Ercis earthquake,” EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF REMOTE SENSING, pp. 627–642, 2014, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: