An overview of bird related issues in electrical power systems

Polat, O.
Yumak, K.
Atilla, N. E.
Bağrıyanık, Mustafa
Power system equipments, especially overhead lines and utility poles are posing great risk to avian species. Main purpose of this paper is to draw attention of distribution companies and community on conserving bird species and their habitats. The paper also provides regulatory framework about protecting bird species, impacts of birds on utility equipments and remedial actions that can be taken for problem specific cases. Furthermore, a sector review of industrial applications and effectiveness of mitigation measures are given. Distribution companies may apply a systematic approach for reducing electrocutions and collisions by developing and implementing Avian Protection Plans (APPs).


Assessment of the Effect of Hybrid GFRP CFRP Usage in Wind Turbine Blades on the Reduction of Fatigue Damage Equivalent Loads in the Wind Turbine System
Gözcü, Ozan; Farsadi, Touraj; Şener, Özgün; Kayran, Altan (null; 2015-01-05)
The use of hybrid GFRP-CFRP material in wind turbine blades is investigated for its effectiveness in reducing fatigue damage equivalent loads in the whole wind turbine system, and comparisons are made against the baseline full GFRP blade in terms of strength, deformation, dynamic characteristics, weight and cost of the blade. To achieve load alleviation in the whole wind turbine system, bending-twisting coupling in composite blades is exploited through the use of off-axis plies in the spar caps of the blade...
Performance Study of Wind Turbines with Bend-Twist Coupled Blades at Underrated Wind Speeds
Atalay, Oğuz; Farsadi, Touraj; Kayran, Altan (2017-09-22)
Use of bend-twist coupled blades is one of the ways to alleviate fatigue loads in wind turbine systems. Load reduction is achieved by placing off-axis layers in the spar caps of composite wind turbine blades. Off-axis layers provide twisting of the blade in the feathering direction thereby decreasing the aerodynamic loads due to the reduced effective angle of attack. Reduction of fatigue loads in the wind turbine system is generally measured by the damage equivalent load. In the present study, performance o...
Experimental Investigation of Viscous Flow Normal to NACA 0012 Airfoil at low Reynolds Numbers
Gunaydınoglu, Erkan; Kurtuluş, Dilek Funda (null; 2018-07-11)
The low Reynolds number aerodynamics at high angle of attack is crucial for the design of unmanned aerial vehicles and wind turbine blades. The current study aims to enhance the insight on the near wake of airfoils normal to free stream. The near wake structure on a NACA 0012 airfoil normal to free-stream is measured with particle image velocimetry in the range of Reynolds number 7000 to 20000. The velocity and vorticity fields of the wake structures are studied and further analysis with Proper Orthogonal D...
A study on the behaviour of offshore suction bucket foundations under cyclic axial compressive loading
Yilmaz, S. Alp; TAŞAN, HACI ERCAN (2021-10-01)
Suction bucket foundations of offshore wind turbines (OWTs) are subjected to cyclic loads induced by wind and waves. The behaviour of buckets embedded in saturated sandy soil subjected to cyclic axial compression was studied using a finite element (FE) model. Accumulation of permanent soil deformations and excess pore water pressure in saturated sandy soil due to cyclic axial compression were taken into account by a fully coupled two-phase model combined with a hypoplastic constitutive model with intergranu...
Aeroelastic Stability Evaluation of Bend Twist Coupled Composite Wind Turbine Blades Designed for Load Alleviation in Wind Turbine Systems
Farsadi, Touraj; Kayran, Altan (2016-01-04)
Wind turbine blades for turbines with large rotor diameter tend to be very flexible in order to remain weight and cost effective. Bending-twisting coupling induced in big composite wind turbine blades is one of the passive control mechanisms which is exploited to alleviate loads incurred due to the flexing of the blades. In the present study, aeroelastic stability characteristics of bend-twist coupled blades, designed for load alleviation in wind turbine systems, is investigated to check whether the bending...
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