Utility of lung ultrasound assessment for probable SARS-CoV-2 infection during pregnancy and universal screening of asymptomatic individuals

Kalafat, E.
Yassa, M.
Koc, A.
Tug, N.


Conflict in interpretation of ophthalmic artery Doppler waveform Reply
Kalafat, E.; Laoreti, A.; Khalil, A.; Costa, F. da Silva; Thilaganathan, B. (Wiley, 2019-01-01)
Is home blood-pressure monitoring in hypertensive disorders of pregnancy consistent with clinic recordings?
Kalafat, E.; Mir, I.; Perry, H.; Thilaganathan, B.; Khalil, A. (Wiley, 2018-10-01)
Objective To assess the agreement between home blood-pressure monitoring (HBPM) and blood-pressure measurements in a clinic setting, in a cohort of pregnant women with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (HDP).
Use of a priori information in estimating tissue resistivities-application to measured data
Baysal, U; Eyüboğlu, Behçet Murat (IOP Publishing, 1999-07-01)
A statistically constrained minimum mean squares error estimator (MiMSEE) has been shown to be useful in estimating internal resistivity distribution by the use of simulated data. In this study, the performance of the MiMSEE algorithm is tested by using measured data from resistor phantoms. The MiMSEE uses a priori information on body geometry, electrode position, statistical properties of tissue resistivities, instrumentation noise and linearization error to calculate the optimum inverse matrix which maps ...
Re: Ratio of umbilical and cerebral artery pulsatility indices in assessment of fetal risk: numerator and denominator matter
Kalafat, E.; Ozturk, E.; Kalaylioglu, Z.; Akkaya, Ayşen; Khalil, A. (Wiley, 2020-08-01)
Use of pimecrolimus to prevent epidural fibrosis in a postlaminectomy rat model Laboratory investigation
Cemil, Berker; Tun, Kagan; Kaptanoglu, Erkan; Kaymaz, Figen; Cevirgen, Banu; CÖMERT, AYHAN; TEKDEMİR, İBRAHİM (Journal of Neurosurgery Publishing Group (JNSPG), 2009-12-01)
Object. Epidural fibrosis is the scar tissue formed over the dura mater after a laminectomy. Extensive epidural fibrosis may be an important underlying cause of failed back syndrome. Pimecrolimus, an ascomycin derivative, is one of the new classes of immunomodulating macrolactams and was specifically developed for the treatment of inflammatory diseases. This study examined the preventive effects of the local application of pimecrolimus in minimizing spinal epidural fibrosis in a rat laminectomy model.
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E. Kalafat, M. Yassa, A. Koc, and N. Tug, “Utility of lung ultrasound assessment for probable SARS-CoV-2 infection during pregnancy and universal screening of asymptomatic individuals,” ULTRASOUND IN OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY, pp. 624–626, 2020, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/67608.