The effect of gamma-irradiation and silver doping on the properties of YBCO superconductors has been studied by electrical resistance measurements and x-ray diffraction techniques. The zero-resistance superconducting transition temperature of (YBCO)(1-x)Ag-x systematically increase by about 2 K with an increase of Ag content up to x = 0.04. Further increase in Ag content decreases the transition temperature. The normal-state resistance decreases up to a factor of 3.4 with an increase of Ag content. No significant change in the transition width has been observed due to silver addition up to x = 0.30. Undoped YBCO and the Ag-doped specimens of (YBCO)(1.96)Ag-0.04 were irradiated with gamma-rays up to an integrated gamma-dose of 77 MR. The normal-state resistance of the specimens gradually increases and the transition temperature slightly decreases with increase of gamma-dose. The intensities of the x-ray diffraction peaks of the monolayers of the sample powders decrease with gamma-irradiation without noticeable change of diffraction angles or peak widths. These observations indicate that the high-T-c supconductor YBCO is quite sensitive to gamma-irradiation but drastic lattice expansion does not occur up to a gamma-dose of 77 MR.


Effect of lithium doping on the properties of Tl-based superconductors
Kayed, TS; Ozkan, H; Hasanlı, Nızamı (IOP Publishing, 2001-09-01)
The effects of lithium doping on the formation and properties of the T1-based superconductors have been studied. Lithium atoms up to around 3 mol.% have been added to the oxides of nominal composition Tl1.8Ba2Ca2.2Cu3Ox, and the usual solid-state reaction method has been applied. Lithium additions in the range 0.23-0.29 mol.% increase the fraction of the Tl-2223 phase and significantly improve the critical temperature of the samples. Higher amounts of lithium additions diminish the Tl-2223 phase, reduce the...
GASANLI, SM; Hasanlı, Nızamı; STRELTSOV, AK (Wiley, 1991-09-16)
The influence is investigated of silicon wafer treatment in the alkali etchant with surface orientation close to planes (111), (100), and (110) on the magnitude of mechanical strength, It is shown that the dependence of the mechanical strength of silicon wafers on the etch time in the alkali etchant irrespective of orientation planes has a complex characteristics, namely: with the increase of etch time the mechanical strength increases, reaches its maximum value and with the further etch time growth it decr...
Effect of Li addition on the properties of Bi-based superconductors
Ogun, SE; Ozkan, H; Hasanlı, Nızamı (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2003-06-01)
The effect of Li addition on the formation and properties of Pb containing Bi-based superconductors has been studied. Three successive thermal sintering cycles have been applied to the oxides adjusted for the nominal composition, Bi1.6Pb0.4Sr2CaCu2O8+d. Eight different samples having Li2CO3 from 0.0 up to 3.0 weight% have been synthesized, X-ray diffraction patterns, resistivity-temperature behaviors and differential thermal analysis of the samples have been examined. Li2CO3 addition at 650degreesC decrease...
Effect of thermal neutron irradiation in boron-doped melt-textured YBCO superconductors
Topal, U; Dorosinskii, L; Ozkan, H; Yavuz, H (Elsevier BV, 2003-05-01)
Y1.6Ba2.3Cu3.3Ox superconductors with different amounts of boron doping have been synthesized using the MPMG technique. Undoped and boron-doped samples were irradiated with thermal neutrons to study the effect of defects produced by the fission reaction, B(n,alpha)Li, on the pinning and the critical current. We observed that the pinning and the critical current density were improved as a result of thermal neutron irradiation. This improvement was slightly stronger for the boron-doped samples compared to the...
Effect of B2O3 addition on the formation and properties of Tl-2212 and Tl-2223 superconductors
Cavdar, S; Aksu, E; Koralay, H; Ozkan, H; Hasanlı, Nızamı; Ercan, I (Wiley, 2003-09-01)
We have studied the effect of B2O3 addition on the formation and properties of the Tl-based superconductors. Polycrystalline Tl-2212 and Tl-2223 samples were synthesized by adding B2O3 to the chemicals at the first and at the second stage of two stages sintering processes (3+1 h) at 860 C. X-ray powder diffraction patterns, resistance versus temperature behaviours and the micrographs of the B2O3 free and B2O3 added samples have been analysed. The compositions and the critical temperatures of the samples ind...
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