Direct Torque Control of a 4-Phase Switched Reluctance Machine

Petrus, V.
Pop, A. -C.
Martis, C. S.
Iancu, V.
Gyselinck, J.
Due to its doubly salient structure and highly nonlinear behavior, the Switched Reluctance Machine (SRM) operates with very high torque ripple. To overcome these inconveniences different average and instantaneous torque control techniques were developed. This paper presents an instantaneous torque control technique named Direct Torque Control (DTC) implemented on a 4-phase, 8/6, 0.75kW SRM. Simulations results with modified flux observer and with fast torque response are presented and discussed, along with experimental results. A discussion on choosing the switching vectors for machines with both odd and even phase number is made.
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V. Petrus, A.-C. Pop, C. S. Martis, V. Iancu, and J. Gyselinck, “Direct Torque Control of a 4-Phase Switched Reluctance Machine,” 2011, p. 270, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: