Monomode hybrid longitudinal CO2 laser for material processing

Udrea, M
Alacakir, A
Bilikmen, S
Kusdemir, O
Pervan, O
A hybrid with small average power CO2 laser is presented. The laser might operate both in a continuous regime and in a pulsed one. The advantages of the good optical quality beam of a longitudinal discharge laser and of a high power peak pulse are simultaneously achieved. A high voltage capacitor which is switched on by means of a rotary spark gap sustains the pulsed regime. The commutation between the two regimes might be easily done and a hybrid operation is also obtainable. Glass surface treatment using this laser was performed. Fine polishment of the irradiated surface was achieved. The fine structure of the surfaces which were irradiated have been studied using atomic force microscopy.
1999 International Conference on Industrial Lasers (IL 99)


Pumping chamber design in diode pumped solid-state lasers for maximum system efficiency and minimum optical distortion
Zengin, Kubilay; Sayan, Gönül; Yelen, Kuthan; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2013)
The beam quality and the system efficiency of a diode-pumped solid-state laser source are directly related to the thermal profile inside the laser crystal. The thermal profile in a laser crystal should be made uniform in order to reduce the negative effects of the thermal lens. However, the absorbed pump profile that forms a uniform thermal profile inside the gain medium may adversely affect the system efficiency. In this thesis, a computational and empirical method was developed for designing pumping chamb...
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Design and realization of a conventional carbon dioxide laser was performed. Gas composition and gas pressure effects on laser output power were studied. Effects of input electrical power and current on laser power were also investigated. Beam profiling of the laser beam was performed by pinhole method. Laser beam parameters like beam divergence, beam propagation factor were measured. These properties were extracted from focusing a laser beam in near field and performing a number of cuts across the beam cro...
Polishing of optical fibers using a CO2 laser
Orun, H; Udrea, M; Alacakir, A (1999-09-24)
A new application of glass surface treatment is presented here. Fine polishing of optical fiber end core/cladding surface, is performed. A small power monomode longitudinal 10 W cw CO2 laser is used. A decrease of the roughness from about 5 microns to hundreds of nanometres was achieved The microstructure of the surfaces has been studied using atomic force microscopy. Applications of polished fiber surfaces are given.
Selective emitter formation via single step doping through laser patterned mask oxide layer for monocrystalline silicon solar cells
Çiftpınar, Emine Hande; Turan, Raşit; Department of Physics (2014)
Selective emitter is one of the new approaches for higher efficiency solar cells. Although selective emitter cells could be processed by several different methods such as; etch back process, laser doping, ion implantation, doping paste, a different method based on diffusion through a laser patterned oxide layer was studied in this thesis. Utilization of pattern oxide layer as a diffusion barrier enables to obtain selective emitter profile via single step doping which reduces overall production cost and time...
High power microsecond fiber laser at 1.5 μm
Pavlova, Svitlana; Yagci, M. Emre; Eken, S. Koray; Tunckol, Ersan; Pavlov, Ihor (The Optical Society, 2020-06-08)
© 2020 Optical Society of America.In this work, we demonstrate a single frequency, high power fiber-laser system, operating at 1550 nm, generating controllable rectangular-shape μs pulses. In order to control the amplified spontaneous emission content, and overcome the undesirable pulse steepening during the amplification, a new method with two seed sources operating at 1550 nm and 1560 nm are used in this system. The output power is about 35 W in CW mode, and the peak power is around 32 W in the pulsed mod...
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