Lung ultrasonography in pregnant women during the COVID-19 pandemic: an interobserver agreement study among obstetricians

Yassa, Murat
Mutlu, Memis Ali
Birol, Pinar
Kuzan, Taha Yusuf
Kalafat, Erkan
Usta, Canberk
Yavuz, Emre
Keskin, Ilkhan
Tug, Niyazi
Purpose: This study investigated interobserver agreement in lung ultrasonography (LUS) in pregnant women performed by obstetricians with different levels of expertise, with confirmation by an expert radiologist.


Forward problem solution for electrical conductivity imaging via contactless measurements
Gençer, Nevzat Güneri (IOP Publishing, 1999-04-01)
The forward problem of anew medical imaging system is analysed in this study. This system uses magnetic excitation to induce currents inside a conductive body and measures the magnetic fields of the induced currents. The forward problem, that is determining induced currents in the conductive body and their magnetic fields, is formulated. For a general solution of the forward problem, the finite element method (FEM) is employed to evaluate the scalar potential distribution. Thus, inhomogeneity and anisotropy...
Maternal cardiovascular function and risk of intrapartum fetal compromise in women undergoing induction of labor: pilot study
Kalafat, E.; Barratt, I.; Nawaz, A.; Thilaganathan, B.; Khalil, A. (Wiley, 2020-08-01)
Objective Identification of the fetus at risk of intrapartum compromise has many benefits. Impaired maternal cardiovascular function is associated with placental hypoperfusion predisposing to intrapartum fetal distress. The aim of this study was to assess the predictive accuracy of maternal hemodynamics for the risk of operative delivery due to presumed fetal compromise in women undergoing induction of labor (IOL). Methods In this prospective cohort study, patients were recruited between November 2018 and J...
Structural and functional damages of whole body ionizing radiation on rat brain homogenate membranes and protective effect of amifostine
ÇAKMAK, GÜLGÜN; Severcan, Mete; Zorlu, Faruk; Severcan, Feride (Informa UK Limited, 2016-01-01)
Purpose: To investigate the effects of whole body ionizing radiation at a sublethal dose on rat brain homogenate membranes and the protective effects of amifostine on these systems at molecular level.
Malignant fibrous histiocytoma of the mandible
Senel, FC; Bektas, D; Caylan, R; Onder, E; Gunhan, O (British Institute of Radiology, 2006-03-01)
We report a case of malignant fibrous histiocytoma (MFH) primary within the mandible of a 32year-old female. The mandible is a rare location of MFH, accounting for only 3% of all tumours of this type occurring within bone. The clinical, pathological and radiographic features are discussed with special emphasis on the radiographic features of this lesion.
Women’s nature (phusis) and diseases as objects of observation in the hippocratic gynecological texts : an epistemological study
Akşit, Gökçesu; Bağçe, Samet; Department of Philosophy (2013)
This study concentrates on the disease and treatment cases of women in the Hippocratic texts, to identify and describe the Hippocratic medical style as one that, through its mode of practice, represents a significant departure in making the human body observable. As an antidote to a bias in the literature that has always made the male more visible, we chose to view Hippocrates’s novel way of making the woman visible since, producing a new entity for observation, this style of practice led to the emergence o...
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