Recent advances in the synthesis and applications of inorganic polymer

Pitcher, Michael W.
Arslan, Yasin
Edinc, Pelin
Hartal, Muejgan
Masjedi, Mehdi
Metin, Oender
Sen, Fatih
Tuerkarslan, Oezlem
Yigitsoy, Basak
Polymers are ubiquitous in modern society. They are used in a variety of appli-cations, ranging from sophisticated - such as electronics - to relatively simple ones like packaging. Inorganic polymers often have certain advantages over their organic counterparts-such as increased thermal stability and unique material properties - and have been an active area of research for many years. The potential technological applications that are imagined for some of these polymers, however, have mostly failed to be realized. This article aims to examine some of the advances in the general field of inorganic polymers, which have been made in the last three years. We also attempted to ascertain whether the promise of these materials will be realized in the near future, especially as advanced polymeric materials.