A psychoanalytical study of women’s experiences related to early paternal loss and romantic relations

Polat, Makbule Su
This thesis aims to examine the experiences of loss and romantic relations of women who have lost their fathers between the ages of 4-6. In order to do so, an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) have been conducted with 5 women. Multiple interviews were held with each participant. The results of the study have provided support for the previous literature suggesting that death is perceived differently before the age of 6. It has been revealed that loss results with important changes in familial dynamics, especially between the mother and the child and that the discourse of the mother becomes an important factor which structures the subject in cases of early loss. Furthermore, the study shows that there is not a single way to lose a father, but at least three: castration, privation, and frustration. Each instance surges up during different moments of experience. The study also suggests that level of frustration is positively correlated with the perceived level of intentionality involved in father’s death. Also, the results show that the lack of the father is a multidimensional phenomenon which may lead the participants to develop unique ways to deal with. Moreover, the participants’ discourses have revealed that they assume multiple relations to the imaginary father. The results show that the participants attempt to incarnate the imaginary fathers in their romantic partners. The attempt in question has been spotted as the most frequent way of assuming relations to the lack of the father. The results have been discussed in light of the Lacanian Psychoanalytical Theory. Lastly, several clinical implications were suggested in accordance with the findings.


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M. S. Polat, “A psychoanalytical study of women’s experiences related to early paternal loss and romantic relations,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2020.