China’s energy partnerships with the caspian states

Şenol, Merve
This study aims to analyze the reasons behind the Chinese energy partnerships with the Caspian states and also the effects of these partnerships in the energy sectors of them. In line with this, first Chinese national energy strategy priorities have tried to been specified and then energy relations between China and each Caspian state have been analyzed after giving information on the energy sectors of the relevant countries. It is argued that even though it seems like the motivation behind Chinese energy strategy is to secure its energy supplies no matter what, the country avoids to build energy relations with countries where geopolitical rivalry with world’s great powers is tense. Therefore, with the analyze of the Chinese energy partnerships it is observed that China has mostly invested in East Caspian countries rather than Azerbaijan which cooperates with the western companies in its energy sector, Iran and Russia which are exposed to international sanctions targeting their energy sectors.
Citation Formats
M. Şenol, “China’s energy partnerships with the caspian states,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2020.