Gen Ağlarının Matematiksel Modellenmesi

Turkiye Klinikleri Biyoistatistik Dergisi


Gen ağlarının matematiksel modellemesi
Purutçuoğlu Gazi, Vilda (2017-01-01)
Development of a genetic material transfer approach for gene therapy
Ayaz, Şerife; Hasırcı, Vasıf Nejat; Department of Biotechnology (2005)
This thesis is focused on the development of a gene delivery system, especially for the purpose of DNA vaccination. DNA expression vectors have the potential to be useful therapeutics for a wide variety of applications. A carrier system was designed to realize the delivery of genes to cells and the promotion of controlled adequate expression in the target cells. The low gene delivery efficiency observed with systems composed of polyplexes is mainly due to low stability of polycation e.g polyethylenimine-DNA...
Modern mathematical methods in modeling and dynamics of regulatory systems of gene-environment networks
Defterli, Özlem; Kaya Merdan, Songül; Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm; Department of Mathematics (2011)
Inferring and anticipation of genetic networks based on experimental data and environmental measurements is a challenging research problem of mathematical modeling. In this thesis, we discuss gene-environment network models whose dynamics are represented by a class of time-continuous systems of ordinary differential equations containing unknown parameters to be optimized. Accordingly, time-discrete version of that model class is studied and improved by using different numerical methods. In this aspect, 3rd-...
Batch mode reinforcement learning for controlling gene regulatory networks and multi-model gene expression data enrichment framework
Şirin, Utku; Polat, Faruk; Department of Computer Engineering (2013)
Over the last decade, modeling and controlling gene regulation has received much attention. In this thesis, we have attempted to solve (i) controlling gene regulation systems and (ii) generating high quality artificial gene expression data problems. For controlling gene regulation systems, we have proposed three control solutions based on Batch Mode Reinforcement Learning (Batch RL) techniques. We have proposed one control solution for fully, and two control solutions for partially observable gene regulatio...
Analysis and prediction of gene expression patterns by dynamical systems, and by a combinatorial algorithm
Taştan, Mesut; Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm; Department of Scientific Computing (2005)
Modeling and prediction of gene-expression patterns has an important place in computational biology and bioinformatics. The measure of gene expression is determined from the genomic analysis at the mRNA level by means of microarray technologies. Thus, mRNA analysis informs us not only about genetic viewpoints of an organism but also about the dynamic changes in environment of that organism. Different mathematical methods have been developed for analyzing experimental data. In this study, we discuss the mode...
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