A study on the flotation unit of Zonguldak main washery.

Sezgin, Bekir S


A study of main Turkish foundry sands.
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A Comparative study on the design of rubble mound breakwaters
Güler, Hasan Gökhan; Yalçıner, Ahmet Cevdet; Ergin, Ayşen; Department of Civil Engineering (2014)
Rubble mound breakwaters are one of the most common coastal defense structures constructed around the world. Hudson (CERC, 1977; CERC, 1984), Van der Meer (1988) and Van Gent et al (2003) are the major stability formulas that are used to find the armour stone weight of rubble mound breakwaters. In the first part, a comparative study on major stability formulas is carried out to discuss the discrepancies in application of these design formulas. A computational tool Design Armour Stone (DAS) is developed with...
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B. S. Sezgin, “A study on the flotation unit of Zonguldak main washery.,” Middle East Technical University, 1973.