A Workflow Based Mobile Guidance Framework for Managing Personal Activities

Eren, Pekin Erhan
In daily life, people have to perform a large number of activities typically in a limited amount of time. Accordingly, they may benefit from help and guidance provided by support systems in order to accomplish these activities accurately and in the correct order. In order to satisfy such needs we develop a software framework which also incorporates a mobile application. Within the framework, workflows are used for modeling user activities due to their successful structuring and verification capabilities. However, stand-alone usage of workflows for personal activities is not enough without relating activities with the users' context. Thus, we augment user activities with environmental and web resources, sensors, mobile phone features, and provide advanced assistance compared to the general workflows. This augmentation also enables to enrich user activities by relating them with supplementary resources (text, image, audio, and video) provided by users or workflow designers. Furthermore, using the relationships between activities and context resources we automate the user's works by defining rules within the framework. Yet another important issue is to provide a constant communication that minimizes the network usage, since users are generally mobile. For this purpose, we set up a topic-based publish/subscribe messaging system infrastructure. Finally, in this paper we illustrate the execution of the smart environment scenario in order to demonstrate the applicability of the framework.


A Workflow-based mobile guidance framework for managing personal activities
Tüysüz, Gökhan; Eren, Pekin Erhan; Department of Information Systems (2013)
In daily life, people have to perform a large number of activities typically in a limited amount of time. Thus, they may need help and guidance provided by support systems in order to accomplish these activities accurately and in the correct order. Accordingly, in this study, we propose a software framework based on workflows and supported by a mobile application to assist users in pervasive environments for managing their personal activities. Pervasive computing enables to ease and automate the execution o...
Hierarchical human activity recognition with fusion of audio and multiple inertial sensor modalities
Yılmaz, Tuğçe Alara; Yazıcı, Adnan; Department of Computer Engineering (2022-2-08)
People perform a wide variety of activities every day. Systems that can automatically distinguish these activities, i.e. human activity recognition models, have improved markedly, especially in the last decade. Deep learning is demonstrating increasingly promising outcomes in overcoming the problem of human activity detection as technology improves at a rapid pace. However, validating activity recognition in real-world situations is critical for practical solutions that work in natural contexts. Establishin...
A reference model for personal process management (PPM) Systems
Oruc, Sercan; Eren, Pekin Erhan; Koçyiğit, Altan (2019-06-01)
Decision making in everyday life is one of the key activities that has significant effect in shaping the flow of living, the quality of life, and the effectiveness of completing daily life tasks. Recommendation systems are widespread, being used via various mediums to decrease the cognitive load of these decision-making activities. Personal process management (PPM) is the management of “flow of activities” (processes) in people's personal lives. These processes and their management may have small but also e...
A container-based code offloading framework for mobile edge computing applications
Dur, Hakan Mesut; Koçyiğit, Altan; Department of Information Systems (2021-9-10)
Recently, the use of mobile devices has increased tremendously. This leads to the growing complexity and diversification of mobile applications. However, mobile devices generally do not keep up with this growth and they usually suffer from low performance for complex applications. In order to improve the performance of such applications, devices can make use of nearby computation platforms such as powerful edge servers. This thesis proposes a container-based code offloading framework that provides distribut...
A context-aware and workflow-based framework for pervasive environments
Avenoglu, Bilgin; Eren, Pekin Erhan (2019-01-01)
Using currently available infrastructure in pervasive environments it is possible to provide intelligent mechanisms that offer people help and guidance for organizing their daily activities. In this study, a framework providing such capabilities is proposed. This framework allows users to model their daily activities in the form of workflows, which are adaptable at run-time according to context information collected in pervasive environments. A workflow engine is used for modelling and management of workflo...
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G. TÜYSÜZ, B. AVENOĞLU, and P. E. Eren, “A Workflow Based Mobile Guidance Framework for Managing Personal Activities,” 2013, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/69615.