A container-based code offloading framework for mobile edge computing applications

Dur, Hakan Mesut
Recently, the use of mobile devices has increased tremendously. This leads to the growing complexity and diversification of mobile applications. However, mobile devices generally do not keep up with this growth and they usually suffer from low performance for complex applications. In order to improve the performance of such applications, devices can make use of nearby computation platforms such as powerful edge servers. This thesis proposes a container-based code offloading framework that provides distribution transparency and automatic migration for mobile applications. The framework supports the Python programming language and makes use of proxy objects created by the Pyro library for code offloading. Docker containers are used to run offloaded code and keep the application state. These containers are automatically migrated to the nearest edge servers in case of mobile user relocation. A sample application is developed to validate the framework.
Citation Formats
H. M. Dur, “A container-based code offloading framework for mobile edge computing applications,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2021.