The effects of an in-service teacher training certificate program on the teaching practices of novice teachers

Personn, Jan
Although there have been a number of studies focusing on the contents of In Service Teacher Training (INSET) and the perceptions of teachers attending INSET courses, the objectives in the INSET course guidelines and the possible effects of INSET on classroom teaching seem to be receiving considerably less attention. In an attempt to address this gap in the literature, this study focuses on an INSET course designed by a reputable British university offered at a Turkish university. The study aims to investigate whether novice teachers who have taken the course benefit regarding their in-class teaching in a university setting and how the course contributes to their professional development. After their completion of a year-long INSET course, two novice English language teachers were invited to participate in the study. During a 15- week semester, their classes were periodically observed and audio recorded. Additionally, each teacher was interviewed using stimulated recall regarding both their classroom instructional practices and their application of the INSET course. For data triangulation, the INSET tutors were also interviewed. The results indicate that although participants responded positively on the INSET programs’ contents, and felt that the course contributed to their professional development, the INSET course did not have much effect on their teaching, due to interplay of cultural, contextual and institutional constraints. The teacher participants mentioned that they sometimes had to step out of INSET course guidelines in order to better meet their students’ interests and motivations and that they could not make use of the INSET course.


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J. Personn, “The effects of an in-service teacher training certificate program on the teaching practices of novice teachers,” M.A. - Master of Arts, Middle East Technical University, 2014.