A refrigerator comprising French-style doors

Çiçek, Mehmet Buğra
Konukseven, Erhan İlhan
Yenigün, Çağrı
Kaya, Metin
Gültekin, Özgün Ataç
The present invention relates to a refrigerator (1) comprising a body (2); at least one fresh food or freezing compartment (3) wherein the food and beverages are placed; a frame (4) that is arranged at the front side of the body (2) and that surrounds the compartment (3); two French-style doors (5) that are supported pivotally on the right and left vertical sides of the frame (4) and that provide access into the compartment (3); more than one door gasket (6) that is mounted all around the inner wall of the doors (5), that presses against the frame (4) when the doors (5) are in the closed position, providing sealing between the outer environment and the compartment (3), and two pillars (8) that are mounted to both doors (5).


Konukseven, Erhan İlhan; Metin, Kaya; Yenigün, Çağrı (WIPO, 2019)
The present invention relates to a cooling device (1) having at least one freezing compartment (2) wherein the articles/foodstuffs to be frozen are placed and further comprising at least one ice cream maker (3) having a receptacle wherein the ingredients for ice cream are placed and the ice cream is prepared, at least one mixer (5) which extends into the receptacle and which provides the mixing of the materials in the receptacle (4), a motor (6), a transmission mechanism (7) which transmits the movement of ...
A Simple Real-Time Fault Signature Monitoring Tool for Motor-Drive-Embedded Fault Diagnosis Systems
Akin, Bilal; Choi, Seungdeog; Orguner, Umut; Toliyat, Hamid A. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2011-05-01)
The reference frame theory constitutes an essential aspect of electric machine analysis and control. In this study, apart from the conventional applications, it is reported that the reference frame theory approach can successfully be applied to real-time fault diagnosis of electric machinery systems as a powerful toolbox to find the magnitude and phase quantities of fault signatures with good precision as well. The basic idea is to convert the associated fault signature to a dc quantity, followed by the com...
A reconsideration of the concept of architectural space in the virtual realm
Kınayoğlu, Gökhan; Mennan, Zeynep; Department of Architecture (2007)
The discovery of new geometries in the 19th century and the departure from an absolute to a relative understanding of space-time, together with the invention of higher dimensions have caused a shift towards the idealization of space. This new type of ideal space was called hyperspace. The counter-intuitive quality of hyperspace has opened up new formal possibilities and representation techniques in art and architecture. In a similar manner, with the introduction of computers, the virtual and immaterial qual...
Dishwasher comprising an automatic door opening mechanism
Ünverdi, Uygar; Tarçın, Serkan; Balkan, Raif Tuna; Konukseven, Erhan İlhan (2014)
The present invention relates to a dishwasher (1) wherein the door (3) is opened automatically by means of the door opening mechanism (13) at the end of the washing and drying processes and a fast drying is performed by discharging the vapor accumulated in the body (2) at the end of the washing and drying processes to the outside and wherein by means of the adjustment means (8), the door opening mechanism (13) applies pressure on the door (3) after being actuated and the opening/closing force of the bolt (5...
A Study to Evaluate Scales in Some Turbulent Flows in View of Quantic Behavior of Turbulence Using Experimental Results
Bekoğlu, Elif; Çelenligil, Mehmet Cevdet; Çıray, Cahit; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2021-8)
The knowledge of the energy contents, sizes, and lifetimes of eddies is necessary to understand the structure of turbulent flows. The spectral approach can provide the frequency-dependent energy spectrum, which helps to find out this structure. The present study focuses on finding eddy sizes or wavelengths using the frequency-dependent energy spectrum, which is consistent with the physics of turbulence. This is because the eddy size is related to wavenumber. The turbulence studies in the literature use a di...
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M. B. Çiçek, E. İ. Konukseven, Ç. Yenigün, M. Kaya, and Ö. A. Gültekin, “A refrigerator comprising French-style doors,” 00, 2019.