Dishwasher comprising an automatic door opening mechanism

Ünverdi, Uygar
Tarçın, Serkan
Balkan, Raif Tuna
Konukseven, Erhan İlhan
The present invention relates to a dishwasher (1) wherein the door (3) is opened automatically by means of the door opening mechanism (13) at the end of the washing and drying processes and a fast drying is performed by discharging the vapor accumulated in the body (2) at the end of the washing and drying processes to the outside and wherein by means of the adjustment means (8), the door opening mechanism (13) applies pressure on the door (3) after being actuated and the opening/closing force of the bolt (5) of the locking mechanism (4) is decreased at the same time.


Konukseven, Erhan İlhan; Metin, Kaya; Yenigün, Çağrı (WIPO, 2019)
The present invention relates to a cooling device (1) having at least one freezing compartment (2) wherein the articles/foodstuffs to be frozen are placed and further comprising at least one ice cream maker (3) having a receptacle wherein the ingredients for ice cream are placed and the ice cream is prepared, at least one mixer (5) which extends into the receptacle and which provides the mixing of the materials in the receptacle (4), a motor (6), a transmission mechanism (7) which transmits the movement of ...
An adjustable dashpot
Taşçıoğlu, Yiğit; Konukseven, Erhan İlhan; Topçu, Okan (WIPO, 2019)
This invention is related to an adjustable dashpot (1) whose damping effect can be controlled, whose damping range does not change by means of its impermeability feature, which can be adapted to different joint geometries, comprising at least a control element (3) which can be mounted onto the body (2) and which can change the viscosity of the material whose viscosity can be changed depending on time, at least a housing (4) in which a material whose viscosity can be changed is housed, at least a pressure me...
Drying of natural zeolite powders in vibrated fuidized beds
Öcal, Cihan; Külah, Görkem; Department of Chemical Engineering (2013)
The objectives of this study were to characterize the fluidization behavior and the drying performance of a vibrated fluidized bed dryer operating with animal feed additive ‘Clinoptilolite’ bed material with a mean particle size of 3 microns, and determine the efficient operating conditions for the drying process. For this purpose, two fully equipped vibrated fluidized bed systems were designed and constructed for the analyses related to hydrodynamic and drying tests, respectively. The hydrodynamic test res...
Simulation of a batch dryer by the finite difference method
Turan, Umut; Esin, Ali; Department of Food Engineering (2005)
The objectives of this study are to investigate the dynamic behavior of an apple slab subjected to drying at constant external conditions and under changing in the drying temperatures and to determine the effects of temperature and time combinations at different steps during drying on the process dynamics parameters, time constant and process gain of the system. For this purpose, a semi-batch dryer system was simulated by using integral method of analysis. Initially, the dynamic behavior of the drying tempe...
Experimental investigation of condensation on the rear surface of an open cavity located on a refrigerator
Şamdan, Ahmet Alphan; Oskay, Rüknettin; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2005)
An experimental study has been performed to investigate the condensation on the inner surface of open cavities located on horizontal and vertical surfaces of a refrigerator to simulate ice dispensers, water dispensers, electronic display slots, and door handles, etc. Cavity size, cavity depth and insulation thickness were variable parameters. Cavities were located on fresh food and freezer compartments to study two different boundary conditions. Level of condensation was put into a scale based on visual obs...
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U. Ünverdi, S. Tarçın, R. T. Balkan, and E. İ. Konukseven, “Dishwasher comprising an automatic door opening mechanism,” 00, 2014.