Electronic device with digital reverberator and method

De Sena , Enzo
Cvetkovıc , Zoran
Hacıhabiboğlu, Hüseyin
Electronic devices having digital reverberators are disclosed, together with a method of reproducing sound for a user with the digital reverberator. The digital reverberator uses digital surface absorption filters positioned in the reverberator to simulate absorption of energy as digital audio data samples are reflected from virtual surfaces. The position of the digital surface absorption filters enables known frequency-dependent surface absorption characteristics of real materials to be directly implemented using the filter coefficients of each digital surface absorption filter. This enables virtual acoustic spaces to be designed quickly without the need for the digital reverberator to be manually tuned for each space.
Citation Formats
E. De Sena, Z. Cvetkovıc, and H. Hacıhabiboğlu, “Electronic device with digital reverberator and method,” 00, 2012.