Shelf Height Adjustment Mechanism

Konukseven, Erhan İlhan
Gökay, Özgür
Ericek, Sevgi
The present invention relates to a height adjustment mechanism (1) adapted to be used in refrigerators (9) having at least one shelf (10), enabling adjusting the height of the shelf (10), and comprising a rectangular prism shaped frame (2) comprising of vertical and horizontal arms, a rectangular shaped shelf bearer (3) movable upwards/downwards inside the frame (2), on which is placed the shelf (10) whose height is to be adjusted, and four threaded shafts (4) mounted on four corners of the frame (2) in perpendicular direction to the horizontal shelf bearer (3) plane, extending between the lower and the upper arms of the frame (2) by freely passing through the holes on the corners of the shelf bearer (3), and provided with helical threads on their outer cylindrical surfaces.
Citation Formats
E. İ. Konukseven, Ö. Gökay, and S. Ericek, “Shelf Height Adjustment Mechanism,” 00, 2019.