Investigation of Au-Ag-Cu Alloy Electrodeposition to Electromechanical Systems

Cagan, Berkay
Karakaya, İshak
Yilmaz, Cemil
Yurdakul, Burak
© 2020 ECS - The Electrochemical Society.Electromechanical systems, which provide electrical power and data connection between moving terminals require high conduction and erosion resistant surfaces. Transfers of electrical power and data are accomplished by the contact of drum and brush wires. The simultaneous electrochemical deposition of desired Au-Ag-Cu alloy compositions, which can be used to coat the brush wires, was investigated in this study. In the scope of the study, the static potential and cyclic voltammetry behaviours of gold, silver and copper cyanide plating baths, as well as the mixtures of binary and ternary baths were investigated to obtain suitable amount of KCN and working potential values. SEM and EDS analyses were conducted in the characterization of coated samples.
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B. Cagan, M. ERDOĞAN, İ. Karakaya, C. Yilmaz, and B. Yurdakul, “Investigation of Au-Ag-Cu Alloy Electrodeposition to Electromechanical Systems,” 2020, vol. 97, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: