ERAWATCH Country Report 2013 Turkey



Erawatch Country Reports 2012 Turkey
Erdil, Erkan (European Union, 2014-01-01)
“Web-based History Education in Turkey”
Çelik, Birten (2001-11-01)
“Background to the national refugee regime in Turkey,”
Yıldırım, Onur (null; 2017-07-05)
“Mediterranean Envıronmental Programme”, Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on the Mediterranean Coastal Environment, 25- 30 October 2005, Kusadası, Türkiye, p. 95-102
Güneş, Şule (2005-10-25)
Age-Optimal Channel Coding Blocklength for an M/G/1 Queue with HARQ
Sac, Hakan; Bacinoglu, Tan; Uysal, Elif; Durisi, Giuseppe (2018-08-24)
We consider a communication system in which a source transmits information updates to a destination node through a binary erasure channel (BEC). When a packet containing an information update, which consists of a fixed number of information bits, arrives at the transmitter, it gets queued in a buffer, to be encoded and sent over the channel. Before transmitting a packet, the transmitter selects a channel coding blocklength n and then uses an automatic repeat request (ARQ) protocol, whereby packets that are ...
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