Multilevel Fast Multipole Algorithm (MLFMA) for Solving Large Scale Computational Electromagnetics Problems



Multilevel fast multipole algorithm for the discrete dipole approximation
Koc, S; Chew, WC (Informa UK Limited, 2001-01-01)
The discrete dipole approximation, originally developed by Purcell and Pennypacker is a quite general method for solving scattering from irregularly shaped targets and/or a cluster of targets. Computationally, the method requires the solution of large dense systems of linear equations and various iterative methods have been employed in the literature for the purpose. In this work, the multi-level fast multipole algorithm is used to compute the matrix-vector product in the iterative methods. This algorithm h...
Multiparameter sensitivity measure for second order active RC filters.
Demircioğlu, Mustafa; Department of Electrical Engineering (1978)
Multilayer grid polarizers: Simulations for millimeter waves
Yurchenko, Vladimir; ÇİYDEM, MEHMET; Gradziel, Marcin; Koç, Seyit Sencer (2021-1-01)
All rights reserved.Multilayer grid polarizers for millimeter waves produced with photolithographic technology have been simulated. Polarizers have spectral bands of enhanced performance where polarization extinction ratio in decibels grows in proportion to the number of layers. Full-wave modeling is compared with three asymptotic models for subwavelength gratings using adjusted grating parameters. Random variations of interlayer spacings reduce the enhancement of polarizing performance, yet the latter cont...
Multifrequency and multidirection optimizations of antenna arrays using heuristic algorithms and the multilevel fast multipole algorithm
Onol, Can; Alkis, Sena; Gokce, Ozer; Ergül, Özgür Salih (2016-07-01)
We consider fast and efficient optimizations of arrays involving three-dimensional antennas with arbitrary shapes and geometries. Heuristic algorithms, particularly genetic algorithms, are used for optimizations, while the required solutions are carried out accurately and efficiently via the multilevel fast multipole algorithm(MLFMA). The superposition principle is employed to reduce the number of MLFMA solutions to the number of array elements per frequency. The developed mechanism is used to optimize arra...
Multilevel Object Tracking in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks for Surveillance Applications Using Graph-Based Big Data
Kucukkececi, Cihan; Yazıcı, Adnan (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2019-01-01)
Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks (WMSN), for object tracking, have been used as an emerging technology in different application areas, such as health care, surveillance, and traffic control. In surveillance applications, sensor nodes produce data almost in real-time while tracking the objects in a critical area or monitoring border activities. The generated data is generally treated as big data and stored in NoSQL databases. In this paper, we present a new object tracking approach for surveillance applic...
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