Lectures on Fuzzy and Fuzzy SUSY Physics



Essays on procyclicality of fiscal policy and natural resource funds
Çiçekçi, Cumhur; Department of Economics (2021-9)
Fiscal policy in resource-rich economies, particularly with low institutional quality, faces some major challenges since their government expenditures depend on volatile resource income. Most of them have set up natural resource funds (NRFs) to clear away this dependency; however, the effectiveness of these funds is still under debate. Besides, large government expenditures financed by transfers from the funds are not sustainable and can entail serious risk for these economies. Hence, it is essential to inv...
Essays on the impact of knowledge on economic growth
Utku İsmihan, Fatma Muazzez; Pamukcu, Mehmet Teoman; Department of Science and Technology Policy Studies (2016)
This Ph.D. thesis comprises of three essays on the role of knowledge on economic growth. The first essay aims to investigate the role of knowledge in the economic growth and catch-up process of the OECD member countries during the 1995-2011 period, by utilizing panel data techniques. The empirical results suggest a positive impact of knowledge indicators on the economic growth performances of OECD countries and that there is convergence to the common long-run equilibrium in OECD. The second essay analyzes t...
Essays on empirical testing of financialization of commodities
Ordu, Beyza Mina; Oran, Adil; Department of Business Administration (2017)
Over the last decade commodity derivatives market experienced a significant influx of financial institutions, which is a phenomenon referred to as financialization of commodities. The main purpose of this thesis is to investigate whether financialization bolstered the connectedness between US stock and commodity markets. Connectedness can occur in forms of either spillover or co-movement and hence we analyze each form in two essays. In the first essay, we investigate volatility spillover between 25 commodit...
Essays on quasi-experimental studies in labor economics
Öztürk, Ahmet; Ercan, Hakan; Tümen, Semih; Department of Economics (2017)
This dissertation consists of two empirical papers that explore the causal relationship between education and labor market outcomes in Turkey based on quasi-experimental methods. The instrumental variable strategy has the potential to accurately estimate the true rate of return to schooling, but good instruments are hard to find. In the first essay of the thesis, I develop a new instrument from an unexpected decline in graduates and new admissions in post-secondary education from the student protests in the...
Essays on the education gradient of health in Turkey
Karaoğlan, Hanife Deniz; Tansel, Aysıt; Department of Economics (2015)
This thesis investigates the association between health and education for Turkey by using Turkish Health Survey (THS) data set. In the analysis, we focus on the individuals who are 25 years old or older. In the thesis, first, we examine the factors that possibly have impact on the individual’s health such as education, gender, age, region, marital status, labor market indicators and household income. Second, we examine the effect of education on individual’s Self-Assessed Health Status (SAH) empirically by ...
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