Location Problems with Demand Regions



Location-aware services for mobile clients.
Kavurucu, Yusuf; Doğaç, Asuman; Department of Computer Engineering (2002)
Location–routing and synchronization problems in city logistics
Farham, Mohammad Saleh; Süral, Haldun; Department of Industrial Engineering (2020)
City logistics aims to improve urban freight transportation by considering the costs and benefits of public and private sectors, consolidating segmented freight shipments, and integrating the individual actors in a collaborative environment. This thesis studies network design problems in city logistics systems to address managerial challenges in urban freight transportation. We consider two network design schemes, namely the one and the two-echelon distribution networks, to formulate strategic and tactical ...
Location recommendation for groups on location-based social networks
Teoman, Hüseyin Alper; Karagöz, Pınar; Department of Computer Engineering (2022-1-31)
In research and business areas, location-based services have become a trending subject. With the increasing popularity of social networks and online communities, group recommendation systems arise in order to support users to interact with those having similar interests, and to provide recommendations for joint activities, such as eating out as a group or seeing a movie with friends. However, the techniques and approaches to provide recommendations to groups are limited, as most of the available studies foc...
Shape optimal design of multi-purpose beam structures
Turan, Ahmet Metin; Oral, Süha; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1999)
Distance Measurement by Phase Tracking
Dogan, Ozan; Demir, Ibrahim; Aydin, Umut (2017-05-18)
In this work, multi frequency continuous wave radar phase unwrapping and the target tracking algorithm are combined. In order to unwrap the wrapped measurement, the unwrapped range measurement or the predicted range is utilized. Methods are assessed with the simulations and field tests. Final tracked range accuracy is shown to be increased without an additional phase unwrapping procedure.
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D. Dinler, M. K. Tural, and C. İyigün, Location Problems with Demand Regions. 2014, p. 252.