Investigating the Seasonal Patterns of Continental Central Anatolia by Clustering

We investigate the effect of climate change on the seasonal patterns of Continental Central Anatolia region of Turkey. For this purpose, 13 different meteorological variables including total precipitation, average pressure, average vapour pressure, average cloudiness, average relative humidity and various temperatures such as minimum, maximum and average temperature recorded monthly at 52 stations from 1950 to 2010 are clustered individually and altogether as one using the hierarchical and partition around medoits (PAM) methods. Results are reported in seasonal patterns in the region.
The 25th Conference of European Chapter on Combinatorial Optimization (2012)


Poyraz, Anıl; Yücel, İsmail (2018-06-02)
This study aims to assess the trends in drought by using the Standardized Precipitation Index(SPI) for 14 stations from Mediterranean climate region of Turkey. The SPI values for different timescales - from 1month to 1 year - are estimated for past and future by using the observed, uncorrected and bias corrected model data. The model data that correspond the grids which consist these 14 stations was obtained from 12 different climate models on CORDEX project. Bias correction method was applied using equival...
Evaluating the performance of a WRF initial and physics ensemble over Eastern Black Sea and Mediterranean regions in Turkey
Düzenli, Eren; Yücel, İsmail; Yılmaz, Mustafa Tuğrul (Elsevier BV, 2021-01-15)
The physics- and initial-based ensemble approach for Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model is applied for predicting four different extreme precipitation events that occurred in summer and autumn over the two most flood-prone regions of Turkey, namely; the Eastern Black Sea (EBS) and Mediterranean (MED). A total of 48 runs, each of which includes two nested domains, is designed considering four microphysics (MP), three cumulus (CU), two planetary boundary layer (PBL) schemes, and two initial forcing ...
Analyses of flood events using regional hydrometeorological modeling system
Önen, Alper; Yücel, İsmail; Department of Civil Engineering (2013)
Extreme rainfall events and consequent floods are being observed more frequently in the Western Black Sea region in Turkey as climate changes. In this study, application of a flood early warning system is intended by using and calibrating a combined model system. A regional-scale hydro-meteorological model system, consisting of Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model, NOAH land surface model and fully distributed NOAH-Hydro hydrologic models, is used for simulations of 25 heavy-rainfall and major flood...
Exploring the Role of Future Perspective in Predicting Turkish University Students’ Beliefs About Global Climate Change
Ateş, Deniz; Teksöz, Gaye (2017-06-01)
AbstractRecent studies indicate that limited understanding about causes and its potential impacts of climate change and fault beliefs by people across different countries of the world including Turkey is a real challenge. Acceptance of climate change as a real threat, believing its existence, and knowing causes and consequences are very significant for climate change adaptation and mitigation. Therefore, exploring underlying factors shaping or affecting beliefs of people is needed for designing educational ...
Evaluating a mesoscale atmosphere model and a satellite-based algorithm in estimating extreme rainfall events in northwestern Turkey
Yücel, İsmail (Copernicus GmbH, 2014-01-01)
Quantitative precipitation estimates are obtained with more uncertainty under the influence of changing climate variability and complex topography from numerical weather prediction (NWP) models. On the other hand, hydrologic model simulations depend heavily on the availability of reliable precipitation estimates. Difficulties in estimating precipitation impose an important limitation on the possibility and reliability of hydrologic forecasting and early warning systems. This study examines the performance o...
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