Investigation Of Warrant Types Of Arguments Of Prospective Teachers In Technology Enriched Environment

Erkek, Özlem
Işıksal Bostan, Mine
In recent years, various methods have been put forward for the contribution and dissemination of learningenvironments in which students actively share their thoughts and discuss. One of these methods is argumentationwhich was claimed to improve individual’s higher order thinking, critical thinking and meta-cognitive skills. The aimof the present study was to investigate the argumentation of prospective middle school mathematics teachers intechnology environment. A qualitative case study was conducted with eight participants from an ElementaryMathematics Education undergraduate program of one of the public universities in Ankara. Two implementationswere conducted with the participants. In each implementation the participants discussed one triangle task in pairsand class discussiın was done. Then, semi-structured interviews were conducted with working pairs.Subsequently, the arguments of participants were determined and schematized with Toulmin’s (1958)argumentation model. Lastly, all arguments of were classified based on Knipping’s (2008) local argumentationclassification which focused on the warrants of arguments. It was concluded that the participants preferred to usemostly visual argumentation in their warrants. Moreover, it was concluded that GeoGebra was useful inargumentation and promote visual argumentation. In conclusion, it was advised to teachers not to encourageusing solely empirical evidence as justification but to question student answers all the time for additionaltheoretical support for better conceptual understanding.
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Ö. Erkek and M. Işıksal Bostan, “Investigation Of Warrant Types Of Arguments Of Prospective Teachers In Technology Enriched Environment,” İzmir, Türkiye, 2019, p. 151, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: