Lookıng At The Elt Methods Through The Eyes Of Teachers At Work An Analysıs

Approaches to English Language Teaching (ELT) and methodology courses are the indispensable parts of the undergraduate programs in ELT Departments. Starting from their sophomore years, students take a variety of methodology courses where they get to know the theory of language teaching along with the techniques. Yet, when they graduate and become teachers themselves, whether they are able to apply what they have learnt in theory to practice is rather questionable and is an area open to research since some approaches seem to be never used whereas some others come to the forefront. This study aims at finding out and exploring whether teachers of English are really applying what has been covered in their ELT methodology courses in their classes. With a combination of both quantitative and qualitative methods (i.e. questionnaire and interviews), the study investigates the opinions of 20 teachers with different experiences (i.e. 8 experienced, 7 semi-experienced and 5 novice) regarding their preferences with respect to ELT methods. Surprisingly enough, the study has arrived at some results which are mostly related with the teachers’ own beliefs and expectations although experience has also played a role to some extent. The results revealed that teachers’ preferences on the application of methods were affected by their beliefs and expectations as well as their years of teaching experience. However, some results were very similar or common regardless of their years of teaching experience. For instance, Silent Way and Suggestopedia were neglected by the majority of the participants while the Direct Method was preferred to be implemented by all twenty participants. The authors believe that this study will be of use to both theoricians and practitioners in the area as the researchers will share their findings which may have a role in shaping the teaching of ELT methodology courses in ELT Departments in the future, which will surely benefit the graduates of these departments much more on the job.
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