A Survey to Determine Security and Privacy Measures Needed for Genetic Information Exchange in Personal Health Records

Özkan, Özlem
Arsev Umur, Aydınoğlu
Aydın Son, Yeşim
In this study, our main focus was to understand necessities of a Personal Health Records (PHR) System for managing individuals’ health and genetic information. Recently the outcomes of Human Genome Project have begun to transform the clinic practice but still there is very limited number of studies in the area of genetic information exchange. Especially, the management of genetic information in the electronic environment and concerns about its security and privacy requires further research at national and international level. Turkish banking system has been a successful example for the implementation of security and privacy measures in both online and mobile platforms for managing sensitive information at personal level. Therefore, we have proposed that implementation of online banking systems’ security measures in PHR systems might ease the adaptation of PHR for the end users by providing needed security and privacy for personal health records. A questionnaire is developed in order to measure the public attitude. Here, we are reporting the development of the questionnaire and its pilot study, along with a review on advantages and limitations of the main mobile PHRs applications in the IOS and Android markets.
5th International Workshop on Infrastructures on Healthcare, 18 - 19 June 2015


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