A Study of Turkish Construction Consultancies for the Applicability of Project Extranets



A comparative study of European earthquake loss estimation tools for a scenario in Istanbul
Strasser, F. O.; Bommer, J. J.; ŞEŞETYAN, KARİN; ERDİK, MUSTAFA ÖZDER; Cagnan, Z.; Irizarry, J.; Goula, X.; Lucantoni, A.; Sabetta, F.; Bal, I. E.; Crowley, H.; Lindholm, C. (Informa UK Limited, 2008-01-01)
A damage estimation exercise has been carried out using the building stock inventory and population database of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and selected European earthquake loss estimation packages: KOERILOSS, SELENA, ESCENARIS, SIGE, and DBELA. The input ground-motions, common to all models, correspond to a "credible worst case scenario'' involving the rupture of the four segments of the Main Marmara Fault closest to Istanbul in a M-w 7.5 earthquake.
A study of Turkish export performance
Moh'd, Zaher; Olgun, Hasan; Department of Economics (1989)
A comparative time series study for medium term electricity demand forecasting for Turkey.
Toptaş, Mehmet; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (1992)
A Study on alternative lexicalizations in Turkish discourse bank
Günay, Fikret; Zeyrek Bozşahin, Deniz; Department of Cognitive Sciences (2015)
Discourse relations connect two pieces of discourse and represent a relationship between these two arguments. Discourse relations can be expressed both explicitly and implicitly. The objective of the present thesis is to identify alternative lexicalizations (ALTLEXs) in Turkish (which is a type of implicit relations) in Turkish Discourse Bank, or TDB by means of a corpus-based approach. The thesis contributes to our understanding of Turkish discourse by revealing a set of ALTLEXs. Three methods are employed...
A study of organizational characteristics and its relation to organizational commitment in some Turkish industrial organizations.
Kırçıl, Olgun; Department of Sociology (1985)
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