Comparison of Atmospheric Correction Techniques for Hyperion Data

San, Bekir Taner
Süzen, Mehmet Lütfi
ISPRS COMMISSION VII, WG2 & WG7, Conference on Information Extraction from SAR and Optical Data, with Emphasis on Developing Countries, 16 - 18 Mayıs 2007


Comparison of analysis methods of embedded retaining walls
Harmandar, Serkan; Özkan, M. Yener; Department of Civil Engineering (2006)
In this study a single-propped embedded retaining wall supporting a cohesionless soil is investigated by four approaches, namely limit equilibrium, subgrade reaction, pseudo-finite element and finite element methods. Structural forces, such as strut loads, wall shear forces, bending moments are calculated by each method and results are compared. The analyses are carried for for three values of internal friction angle of soil; 30o, 35o, and 40o. Effects of modulus of soil elasticity of the backfill and wall ...
Comparison of predictive models for forecasting timeseries data
Özen, Serkan; Atalay, Mehmet Volkan; Yazıcı, Adnan (2019-11-20)
© 2019 Association for Computing Machinery.Dramatic increase in data size enabled researchers to study analysis and prediction of big data. Big data can be formed in many ways and one alternative is through the use of sensors. An important aspect of data coming from sensors is that they are time-series data. Although forecasting based on time-series data has been studied widely, it is still possible to advance the state-ofthe- art by constructing new hybrid deep learning models. In this study, Random Forest...
Comparison of advanced modulation schemes for LEO satellite downlink communications
Belce, O (2003-11-22)
The M.Sc. degree project, whose one major part is explained in this paper, has been accomplished at the University of Surrey by the financial support of TUBITAK-BILTEN inclusive to the remote sensing satellite project BILSAT-1*, which was carried out by Surrey Satellite Technology Limited in UK, collaboration with TUBITAK-BILTEN. This paper explains the methodology and the simulation results of the performances of advanced modulation techniques under the implications of highly dynamic LEO satellite downlink...
Comparison of newton and newton-GMRES methods for three dimensional supersonic nozzle design
Yildizlar, B.; Eyi, Sinan (2014-01-01)
The aim of this study is to implement Newton-GMRES method into supersonic flows as an alternative to Newton method which is a reliable and efficient solver. The flow analysis is based on the three dimensional Euler equations. The objective of this study is compare the performances of Newton and Newton-GMRES methods in a 3-D nozzle design. The Jacobian matrix needed for Newton method is evaluated analytically. Newton-GMRES method is a matrix free solution technique hence it does not require the Jacobian matr...
Comparison of data interpolation methods in time course pupil diameter data
Farzin, Mahdieh; Purutçuoğlu Gazi, Vilda; Arı, Fikret; Gökçay, Didem (2020-11-19)
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B. T. San and M. L. Süzen, “Comparison of Atmospheric Correction Techniques for Hyperion Data,” presented at the ISPRS COMMISSION VII, WG2 & WG7, Conference on Information Extraction from SAR and Optical Data, with Emphasis on Developing Countries, 16 - 18 Mayıs 2007, 2007, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: