Leaf micromorphology of Lathyrus sect. Lathyrostylis (Fabaceae) and its taxonomic significance

Togan, İnci
Mazaheri, Rodin
Doğan, Musa
The Herb Journal of Systematic Botany


Founder effect in reintroduced Anatolian Mouflon ovis gmelinii anatolica valenciennes 1856 populations
Kayım, Mehmet; Kence, Aykut; Department of Biology (2008)
Reintroduction of Anatolian mouflon population at Bozdağ Protection & Breeding Station to its former habitats(Emremsultan Wildlife Development Area in Ankara-Nallıhan, and Karadağ in Karaman) started in 2004. The magnitude of genetic change among Bozdağ and reintroduced populations was evaluated by 11 microsatellite loci. Study populations revealed close results (±st.dev.) Bozdağ population: nk = 2.9091 (±1.1362), AE = 2.0250 (±0.9537), Ho = 0.3830 (±0.2717), He = 0.3956 (±0.2746); Nallıhan population: nk ...
Revision of the genus salvia l. (labiatae) in the mediterranean and the aegean geographic regions of Turkey
Celep, Ferhat; Doğan, Musa; Department of Biology (2010)
A revision of the Mediterranean and the Aegean geographic regions of Turkey of Salvia L. (Labiatae) is presented. According to the results, the study area has 60 taxa, 32 of which are endemic (mainly local endemics), 5 of which are non-endemic rare, and the remaining 23 taxa are widely distributed. The rate of endemism is 53% in the area. At the beginning of the thesis, history and worldwide distribution of the family and the genus are briefly given. Phylogenetic studies and infrageneric grouping of the gen...
Camera trapping large mammals in yenice forest habitats : a feasibility study for camera trapping large mammals in Yenice Forests, Turkey
Can, Özgün Emre; Togan, İnci Zehra; Department of Biology (2008)
Widely applicable, quantitative field methods are needed to gather wildlife data for conservation and management initiatives in Turkey. In order to evaluate the use of camera traps in forest habitats of Turkey, we conducted a 5 phase camera trap survey by using 16 passive infrared-triggered cameras with a total sampling effort of 1200 camera trap days in Yaylacık Research Forest, a 50 km2 forest patch of Yenice Forest in Karabük during January-May 2006. The camera trap survey confirmed the presence of grey ...
Marching distance functions for smooth control of hyperbolic grids
Durmus, G; Kavsaoglu, MS (2000-10-01)
The smooth control of hyperbolic grids is achieved by using marching distance functions. The marching distance can be expressed as a function of grid control. The derivative expressions of the linearized hyperbolic equations are approximated by second order central differences.
Avian community patterns in the lesser caucasus (northeastern turkey)
Atkın Gençoğlu, Gülden; Bilgin, Cemal Can; Department of Biology (2007)
Species composition, diversity and species-habitat relations are widely used to describe communities. This study aimed to document diversity, composition and habitat relations of avian communities of the Turkish Lesser Caucasus by using point counts and multivariate analyses. 2845 individuals of 101 bird species were observed at 215 stations located in the study area. Point counts were revealed to be a useful method for terrestrial birds, especially passerines. Species richness and diversity changed signifi...
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İ. Togan, R. Mazaheri, and M. Doğan, “Leaf micromorphology of Lathyrus sect. Lathyrostylis (Fabaceae) and its taxonomic significance,” The Herb Journal of Systematic Botany, pp. 73–95, 2019, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/71423.