The Effects of a plasticizing and a superplasticizing agents on water-cement ratio and compressive strength of concretes

Dasci, Ali


The effect of particle properties and solids loadings on suspension of mixed solids
Ayrancı Tansık, İnci (null; 2010-11-07)
The effects of pectin and wax on the characteristics of oil-in-water (O/W) emulsions
Elik, Aysel; Koçak Yanik, Derya; Özel, Barış; Öztop, Halil Mecit; Fahrettin, G.ö.ğ.ü.ş. (2021-01-01)
© 2021 Institute of Food Technologists®Abstract: The study was aimed to investigate characteristics of emulsion containing pectin, wax, maltodextrin, and carotenoid enriched flaxseed oil by means of stability, rheology, particle size, and low-resolution of time domain nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) relaxometry measurements. Emulsions were prepared with different carotenoid enriched-flaxseed oil concentrations (6%, 9%, 12%, and 15% w/w) and ratios of maltodextrin/(pectin+wax) (3:1, 6:1, 9:1, and 12:1 g/g)....
The Effects of High Frequency RF Capacitively Coupled Plasma on Tensile Strain and Functional Groups of PAN based Carbon Fiber
Erözbek Güngör, Ümmügül (2014-04-25)
In this study, high frequency (40.68 MHz) RF capacitively coupled discharge was used to modify tensile strain and chemical structure of unsized PAN-based carbon fiber under different RF powers, pure nitrogen gas pressures and exposure times. The plasma parameters were diagnosed by using single and double Impedans Langmuir probe techniques to understand physics of high frequency RF-CCP treatment processes. The power range was P = 50-200 Watt and the pressure range was p ≈ 0.1-0.8 Torr. The measured plasma pa...
The effect of chemical admixtures and mineral additives on the properties of self-compacting mortars
Sahmaran, M; Christianto, HA; Yaman, İsmail Özgür (2006-05-01)
Mortar serves as the basis for the workability properties of self-compacting concrete (SCC) and these properties could be assessed by self-compacting mortars (SCM). In fact, assessing the properties of SCM is an integral part of SCC design. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of various mineral additives and chemical admixtures in producing SCMs. For this purpose, four mineral additives (fly ash, brick powder, limestone powder, and kaolinite), three superplasticizers (SP), and two ...
The effects of compaction methods and mix parameters on the properties of roller compacted concrete mixtures
Şengün, E.; Alam, B.; Shabani, R.; Yaman, İsmail Özgür (2019-12-20)
Despite the wide use of RCC, there is no specific compaction methodology developed to simulate the site conditions in the laboratory. Yet, there are few compaction methods that are generally used to produce RCC specimens in the laboratory environment. The most common methods are the vibrating table and the vibrating hammer found in ASTM, and the modified proctor and Superpave gyratory compactor (SGC), which are suggested to be standardized. However, it is not well known how these different compaction techni...
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A. Dasci, “The Effects of a plasticizing and a superplasticizing agents on water-cement ratio and compressive strength of concretes,” Middle East Technical University, 1990.