Geochemical Characteristics of Bottom Sediments from Munzur and Pülümür Streams Feeding Uzunçayır Dam (Tunceli) and Potential Risks on Water Chemistry

Çimen, Okay
Toksoy Köksal, Fatma
Örgün, Yüksel
Öztüfekçi-önal, Ayten
Uzunçayır dam in Tunceli is fed by Munzur and Pülümür streams. In areas where these streams run, Paleozoic metamorphic rocks (schist, marble, meta-clastic, meta-basic), serpentinized Upper Cretaceous chromite bearing ultramafics in assemblage with other ophiolitic rocks and limestones, Oligo-Miocene flysch sediments, Late Miocene volcanics with interlayered pyroclastic and lacustrine sediments are present. In the area, copper, lead and zinc mineralizations also exist. Therefore, geochemical effect of the host rocks and mineralization products on bottom sediments and water of these streams are possible. Especially, enrichment of toxic elements due to mineralization products and ophiolitic chromite will be important factors on usability of water and living health. Therefore, this preliminary study has been started to determine of geological factors being negatively effective on living health. In this scope, sampling from bottom sediments of Munzur ve Pülümür streams was done at nine locations. The geochemical data obtained by ICP-OES and ICP-MS analyses of the samples were evaluated by geostatistical methods.Normalization of the samples to the upper crust display enrichments in Cr, Ni, Co, Cs, W, Pb, As, Sb, Au, Hg for sediments of Munzur stream and Cr, Ni, Co, W, As for sediments of Pülümür stream. The cluster analyses show the presence of two element groups. The first group is consist of Cr, Ni, Co behaving together while the second group includes Cs, As, Sb, Pb, Hg, Au, W acting together. Elemental grouping in the bottom sediments can indicate effect two different host rock as ophiolitic units and mineralization products, respectively.The correlation analyses performed for rare earths elements (REE) of the samples show positive correlation of the REE with Si, Al, Fe, K, Ti, Na elements representing presence of clay minerals in the sediments. This relation may lead to consider tranportation of these elements by adsorption on surface of clay minerals. Normalized REE patterns of the samples are characterized by negative Ce and positive Eu anomalies. Negative Ce anomaly indicate transportation of Ce from sediment to water at oxidizing conditions while positive Eu anomaly infer presence of Ca composing minerals. The research will be continued by seasonal sampling on bottom sediment, soil and water.
65th Geological Congress of Turkey (02 - 06 Nisan 2012)


Cimen, Okay; Toksoy Köksal, Fatma; Onal, Ayten Oztufekci; Örgün Tutay, Yüksel (2015-06-01)
The Munzur and Pulumur streams are essential water supplies of the Tunceli Province (Turkey). Chromite bearing ultramafic rocks and Zn-Cu mineralization products are possible causes of the toxic elements enrichment in the streams. Sediment and soil samples were collected along these streams to determine the level of toxic element enrichment. Multi-element normalized patterns of the samples with respect to the upper crust display enrichments in Cr, Ni, Co, Cs, W, Pb, As, Sb, Au, Hg and Cr, Ni, Co, W, for the...
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O. Çimen, F. Toksoy Köksal, Y. Örgün, and A. Öztüfekçi-önal, “Geochemical Characteristics of Bottom Sediments from Munzur and Pülümür Streams Feeding Uzunçayır Dam (Tunceli) and Potential Risks on Water Chemistry,” Ankara, Türkiye, 2012, p. 142, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: