Varying Temperature Surface Reflection and its Effect on the Indoor Terahertz Wireless Communications

Şahin, Asaf Behzat
Altan, Hakan
Advances in the wireless cellular and network applications also necessitate increased traffic on the communications infrastructure. In order to overcome the capacity overload of the current spectral provisions, service providers are looking at higher frequencies. E and V bands of the millimetre wave spectrum are being utilized for mile range relay links, and higher frequency bands such as 220GHz and 340 GHz regions are being considered for indoor very high data rate applications [1]. A major conundrum in front of indoor Terahertz wireless networking is the effect of the surface reflection: which may be a positive in terms of wider area coverage, and also may be a handicap due to low penetration depths through doors, panels, and such. Indoor surfaces have many different types and textures, and a parameter which may well alter surface reflection coefficients is the varying temperature. Indoor temperature variations are not extreme as the outdoor conditions, yet differentials in excess of 15° to 20° Celcius are normal for most climates throughout seasons. In this work the effect of the varying temperature surface reflections on the communication signal quality of very high data rate (>1Gb/s) data carrying indoor millimetre wave (>100GHz) transmission is studied. It is observed that data transmission quality is more easily affected by the temperature dependant surface reflections compared to conventional reflection power measurements. Various surfaces such as clear and coated drywall, wood panelling, and plastic materials are investigated. In future work, texture roughness and temperature variation will be explored.
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A. B. Şahin and H. Altan, “Varying Temperature Surface Reflection and its Effect on the Indoor Terahertz Wireless Communications,” Institute of Photonics and ElectronicsThe Czech Academy of SciencesPrague, Czech Republic, 2015, p. 58, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: